Still in the running?

Which do you consider Maryland's best opening -- the most realistic chance for a big win to make a statement to the NCAA tournament selection committee? The Terps pretty much have to beat Virginia and N.C. State, so I'm asking you to take your pick of North Carolina, Duke or Wake Forest.

I think it's Duke. The Blue Devils have looked vulnerable since blowing out the Terps at Cameron Indoor Stadium. I think it will be a much different game at Comcast Center, particularly since Maryland knows what's at stake.


The Terps can't play much worse than they did at Cameron, and Duke can't play much better. Duke doesn't possess the inside size and strength of some of the other top ACC teams. Brian Zoubek, the 7-footer, hasn't managed to repeat his Maryland performance since.

Plus, the Terps will be seeking redemption for the worst loss in Gary Williams' Maryland tenure. Plus, it's Duke.


Wake Forest has been inconsistent enough to also present an opportunity for the Terps.

Are the Terps still in the running for the NCAAs?

ESPN's Hubert Davis last night called the Terps "the ultimate bubble team."

And this is what Jay Bilas said on ESPN about the Terps: "They're still in the hunt."

Bilas said it's all about momentum. The end-of-the-season games seem to get weighted more than the ones from November.

"The last 10 games requirement -- that impresses a whole lot of people on the committee," Bilas said.