Grammy night in America!

Yes, it happened - the 51st Grammys were handed out last night. No better way to wrap up my NFL Pro Bowl Sunday.



I know a lot of people live for the Grammys, but not me. I'm probably jaded from too many years in radio, where watching the Grammys was "Must see TV." Even with an obvious trim down, I think the Grammy Awards are STILL too long, and, the awards just have an overly commercial feel to me. That's no surprise, with record sales up slightly (thanks to the Internet) the expectations of a Grammy spike were anticipated, and planned for!

Just ask Robert Plant, and Allison Krauss who won Album of the Year. Leading up to the awards, they had an 88% boost in the sale of their album Raising Sand. That ain't bad! Personally, I think M.I.A. should have won Album of the Year, or at least an award for performing on the day you're due to deliver your baby!


That's what I call embracing the old credo, "The show must go on!" M.I.A. had a poor choice of costume, (I guess her stylist was m.i.a. too!) though I don't have a clue what she should've worn.

I can't believe I'm blogging about the Grammys ... amazing, but there were some moments I enjoyed:

Coldplay's performance of Viva La Vida. I like that song, but the name always escapes me. It's going on my iPod.

Jennifer Hudson's soulful performance of You Pulled Me Through. She sang very strong, and it felt like a thank you to everyone who has supported her through her family tragedy.

Jonas Brothers featuring Stevie Wonder was surprisingly good! Stevie is a timeless artist, how can you go wrong having him on the set, and breaking into Superstition too? That was a good one.

Kid Rock's medley of songs from his album Rock N Roll Jesus started off strong, but whenever I hear All Summer Long, (which won a Grammy last night) I wanna run and get some KFC! Geesh!

T.I's Swagger Like Us featuring Kanye Wast, Jay-Z, and Lil' Wayne, and the aforementioned VERY pregnant M.I.A. That's a great song, and might have been the best performance of the night. I also enjoyed the tribute to New Orleans featuring Lil' Wayne's performance of Tie My Hands with Robin Thicke and Allan Toussant. Segueing into the Dirty Brass Band with one of my favorite jazz artists, Terrence Blanchard, had me looking around for a beignet, or some Zatarain's ... something from New Orleans!

As I mentioned, the Grammys aren't my thing ... but I had to pass the time until Adult Swim comes on.


Oh, what we persevere through to get to some real TV!