Notes halfway through ACC season

* No conference road wins yet for the Terps (0-4). In fact, no road wins at all on an opponent's home court.

Maryland gets its best chance yet to remedy that on Sunday night against Georgia Tech.


Georgia Tech is 1-7 in the ACC, the only win coming against Wake Forest.

Last night, Georgia Tech shot 34.4 percent (2-for-15 on threes) and lost, 62-58, at Florida State.


But Maryland will remember that Georgia Tech can rebound. The Terps will need to do everything they can to prevent second-chance baskets that could allow the Yellow Jackets to win even with poor shooting.

Alade Aminu had 17 rebounds for the Yellow Jackets in Maryland's 68-61 win on Jan. 10, and Gani Lawal had 10 boards.

The Terps will need big games on the boards from Landon Milbourne (5.5 rebounds per game), Greivis Vasquez (5.7 per game) and the other guards.

* It will be interesting to see how many minutes Cliff Tucker has earned. He played his way back into the rotation with his big game against North Carolina.

* Adrian Bowie had been on a roll there for a while (23 points at Miami followed by 14 and 17 the next two games). He's slipped a bit lately, mostly due to better competition.

I think he's still learning who he can take to the basket, and when.Here are some ACC statistics of note:

* Georgia Tech's Lawal leads the ACC in rebounding at 10.4 rebounds per game, and Aminu, his teammate, is fourth. Vasquez is 20th and Milbourne is tied for 24th.

* The Terps are 11th in the ACC in field-goal percentage (41.8 percent), leading only Virginia.


* Maryland still leads the conference in free-throw percentage (77.5 percent).

* The Terps are tied for 10th with Georgia Tech in three-point shooting percentage (30.4), and Virginia is last.