Yesterday, I decided to take a day off from worry. It wasn't easy, because these days, worry wants its workers on the job 24-7. Unlike other employers, it's hiring, bringing new folks into the fold even as the worry load increases for the veterans.

Parents are among worry's best workers. Even in good times, they obsess over what might seem small (Does Amy have clean, matching socks for tomorrow?). And now, the big: Should I hold off on sending in the summer camp check since there's a chance I might be laid off next week?


Even if you have little reason to worry -- you're careful with money, your job seems relatively safe --  it seems you will because of the worry that swirls around you. I can't help it, anyway.

Plus, I knew I needed a "no worries" day when I began to reminisce fondly about having...pneumonia. There was a sweet spot there, when I knew I was recovering but was still under doctor's orders to do absolutely nothing, not even household chores. I stayed on the couch for days as I built up my breathing capacity, reading good books and watching Ina Garten on the Food Network.

Good times.

Thing is, I hadn't had a day off since then quite like that....

that hadn't been filled with household chores, caring for kids, and/or work done away from work. And the pneumonia happened two years ago.

So, yesterday. I took a day off from work, because even though I like my work, like many a workplace it's filled with worry. (It's our job, after all, to pay attention to and discuss the news.) I also took a day off from Twitter, and mostly from Facebook.

The day got off to a less than auspicious beginning, so I decided my worry-free time would have to start after I'd gotten the kids to school. (Their listening ears weren't working very well.)

I read (one of my old friend Laura Lippman's recent novels). Worked out. Tried to stimulate the local economy with a banh mi sandwich from Saigon Remembered.

I didn't completely escape worry/sadness/stress. I couldn't, for example, turn away from the horrific story of Andrew Griffin. Got a call from work around noon from someone who didn't get the memo (you know who you are, Midnight Sun Sam).

But in general, it was a fantastic day that left me feeling rejuvenated even today, and thankful for all the friends and coworkers I have.

Take that, worry.

What would your no-worries day be like?