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Jim Palmer on A-Rod, O's


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Monday, February 9
Well, was it true and did it work? Can listening to Mozart boost a child's IQ? That's one of the questions we'll pose to our guests in the first hour of today's show. Mariale Hardiman, an assistant dean at Johns Hopkins and former public school principal, and Dr. Martha Denckla, a neurology professor, have been looking past fads and trends to try and help educators, in particular, better understand how children learn. We'll hear what studies of brain development show and how, collected and shared, it might advance classroom achievement for boys and girls. Connecting brain research with effective teaching -- the still-new field of neuroeducation. Next on Midday, after the news at noon from NPR

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Spring training starts in a week, with a major story brewing in Major League Baseball -- the Yankees' Alex Rodriguez has become the latest star of the game to have reportedly tested positively for steroids. I'll talk about A-Rod and steroids in baseball with Baltimore Orioles pitching legend and Hall of Famer Jim Palmer. The Orioles have 37 pitchers headed to Fort Lauderdale to help rebuild one of the poorest-performing staffs in the American League. So we'll talk some hot-stove baseball, too. Plus, I'll get Jim's thoughts on athletes and celebrity, and staying fit well into retirement.