Hey all:

Sorry the bar opened late. We kept it running for a bit last night. The Joe/Nick Ginger/Mary Ann debate had us hopping. See, I told you all this could be fun without using performance enhancers.


For the record, Joe Flacco beat out Nick Markakis, 32 to 24. It was close all day but Flacco pulled it out in the end, winning by a unibrow.

Free bar tab goes to deadan for his funny rip on Flacco Wackos. Not only did he give me a laugh, but he spurred others to comment on his post (in a humorous way even), so big points deadan. Also, a free drink chip to Dave Taylor for his Bruce review. I'll definitely go get it this week.

And to the Jesse Malin fans (and the Drive By Trucker fans) who have e-mailed me, I'll get back to you soon, I promise. I've got a new selection in the jukebox today by a band called Ox that a friend let me borrow. I'm liking it, but I have to give it more of a listen.

We'll also be throwing on some Whiskeytown and some Ryan Adams and the Cardinals in celebration of Adams' recently announced engagement to actress Mandy Moore (here's guessing that will last as long as Sammy Sosa's Orioles career). For the record, this isn't the same Ryan Adams who is an Orioles' middle infield prospect.

Anyway, it's Friday the 13th -- which my son reminded of as soon as I woke up. Let's talk strange sports moments today (and maybe into the weekend). What's the goofiest or strangest thing you have seen on a sports field? A play that just took a bizarre turn?

Two easy ones off the top of my head are 1. Ed Rogers fielding a ball that went up his shirt sleeve and completely into his uniform. That was pretty funny. 2. Jack Cust's dirt swim back to third base when he fell down the line trying to score. We had the best view of it in the press box and we couldn't stop laughing.

I am sure your memories will trigger some for me.

Daily Think Special: What was the strangest thing you've seen in sports?