I violated one of life's basic principles in yesterday's entry about Smackdown: I assumed.

Yes, I assumed that everyone knows the difference between Triple H and Stephanie McMahon's fictional marriage and their real-life one. It's obvious from some of the comments that have been posted, however, that not everyone does know.


That's actually understandable, especially if you haven't been following wrestling that long or you've only watched sporadically over the years. I'll try and clear things up for everyone with this timeline:

Nov. 1999: In a STORY LINE on Raw, Triple H and Stephanie got married in a drive-through ceremony in Las Vegas.

2000 or 2001: Triple H and Stephanie began dating in REAL LIFE.

Feb. 2002: In a STORY LINE on Raw, Triple H and Stephanie split up after he learned that she had lied about being pregnant.

Oct. 2003: Triple H and Stephanie, who were divorced in the STORY LINE, got married in REAL LIFE.

Feb. 2009: For the first time since Triple H and Stephanie's REAL LIFE wedding, it was fully acknowledged in the STORY LINE that they are married.

See, it all makes perfect sense.