Caption Call Recap: Week of Feb. 16

Thanks for playing Caption Call last week. We had some pretty funny submissions for our photos of a chimp kiss attack and this weird half bull statue. See if your submissions made the cut in our weekly caption contest. (Click on the link below)

The puppy named Bossa Nova in this Getty Images photo is relaxing at a dog hotel in Sydney, Australia. We wonder how comfortable those numbered boxes could really be for sleeping quarters.


Monty hosts the new Animal Planet series on dog training, "Let's Learn to Heel!"
Submitted by Patti

Welcome to Sprockets. I am your host, Dieter. Before we begin, would you like to touch my monkey?
Submitted by D'oh! (We're a sucker for Schprockets references, D'oh...however did you know? Now is the time on Caption Call where we dance!)


We realize it's a bit hard to tell that it's Michael Phelps in the pool in this AP photo, but we don't have the rights to publish the photo of him with a marijuana pipe. Your captions were still quite funny just the same.

The camera crew from Kelloggs was conspicuously absent. Guess they didn't think Michael's performance was so Grrrrreeaaaaaat.
Submitted by HarryH

Inside Edition catches Michael Phelps bogarting the chlorine.
Submitted by Mary Pat Hyland

This cow statue was part of a Chinese New Year celebration in Taipei. What do you think he thought he was going to find by peeking in like that? Guess that's what your funny captions are for. (AP photo)

Beef on Rick
Submitted by Cait (I could really go for a beef on weck about now, but what would a beef on Rick be?)

You seen the Minotaur lately? He's been sick and lost a lot of weight.
Submitted by Jim

"Hey! I found my contact lens!"
Submitted by D.Keefer

We're glad everyone could take the humor in this AP picture and set it aside from last week's awful chimp attack. Here, Hollywood chimp trainer Sid Yost gets some kisses from two of his chimpanzees.

You lied Sam, human lips do not taste like bananas!
Submitted by D

"When I asked my friend what his sisters looked like, he answered, 'They're very nice.' So I get set up for a blind date. But truthfully, although they're not really lookers, they are very nice."
Submitted by Pie Snelson

Blindfold now removed, Merv DePerv comes to the sudden realization that the threesome he had been promised in the chatroom is not going to live up to expectations.
Submitted by D'oh! (You have no idea how hard this caption made us laugh, and how big a fool we looked like to our coworkers in the process. Kudos!)

New York Fashion Week usually brings about some pretty amusing clothing designs, but this year we were lucky enough to find a few candid shots of models getting ready for the show. The model in this AP photo is getting ready to show Erin Fetherson's fall 2009 collection.


When Harry & Ron tried to prepare Hermione for the Miss Hogwarts Contest, she suggested they just use a summoning spell to get Jose Eber there FAST!
Submitted by Phyllis Reinhard

Since none of this year's Oscars red carpet looks were too attrocious, we decided to pull a guaranteed fashion flop from the archives: Bjork's swan dress. Check out what people have said about her outfit and leave your own funny caption.

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