Last week was quite the week for Caption Call. Welcome to readers of other baltimoresun.com blogs Charm City Moms, Ring Posts and Z on TV who helped get the word out there about how fun Caption Call can be. Let's keep up that momentum.

But for now, let's look back at the funniest captions from the past week. And as a warning, there were so many quality captions this week we are going to highlight more than usual. Keep it coming!


Being a native of Buffalo, we're always excited for anything that has to do with chicken wings. This Getty Images photo comes to us courtesy of Wing Bowl 2009, a recent competitive eating event held in Philadelphia. Not the most ideal place for a wing eating competition, but who are we to judge?

At the nearby oyster eating contest, the girls found the contestants more attentive.
Submitted by Larry Yungk


George, trying to ignore the taunts of the devil girls, was relieved when seconds later a group of scantily clad angel girls appeared at his other shoulder with words of encouragement...
Submitted by D.Keefer

I know times are tough, but it's hard to believe that Rachel Ray (second devil-ette from the left) would have to take another job
Submitted by dkh735

M.I.A.'s crazy fashion sense can do no wrong by us ... until we saw her in this getup at the Grammys. Gotta give the girl credit for bearing it all at nine months pregnant. And congratulations to her and her baby boy, born over the weekend. (AP photo)

ON HER DUE DATE!!!!! the guy in the tux is an OB-GYN in disguise.
Submitted by Vince Schuman

No one in the corner can waddle like us...waddle like us...waddle like us. No one in the corner can waddle like us...waddle like us...wadda, waddle like us.
Submitted by Abraham George (Congrats on the first-time win, Abraham!)

I got my mind on her tummy and her tummy on my mind
Submitted by Dave to the P

After the sensation caused by last year's Westiminster winner, Uno the beagle, it was unlikely another dog would live up to the hype. In this AP photo, a miniature poodle named Dolly primps backstage.

No Doc, not the molar. Check the canine.
Submitted by Pie Snelson

The gatorpoo (Florida's most popular canine breed) is preened at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Princess Snapsalot of Sarasota (seen above) won best in breed.
Submitted by Mary Pat Hyland (We hate those designer breeds, Mary Pat. Nice caption!)

Nuther kitteh pleez!
Submitted by Jennifer Palmer (Welcome to Caption Call, Jennifer!)

We must confess ... as a youngster, we used to watch pro wrestling. The winning captions on this AP photo of Mickey Rourke are based mostly on some classic wrestling catch phrases, so we hope you still find them funny.

If ya' smeeeeelelelelel, what the ROURKE is drinking!!!!!!
Submitted by AMC (We also got a similar caption from Rich, so you both get credit)

and that's the bottom line cause stone mickey said so
Submitted by paul meade

"After I finish off this bottle I'm going to bust it over my own head. That's how hardcore I am. Cactus Jack? Who's he, anyway?"
Submitted by James

Either Joaquin Phoenix has gone off the deep end, or he's going to be putting out a Borat-style movie and the joke's on all of us. Regardless, he made for some pretty good (or just awkwardly fabulous) TV on Letterman last week. And you guys had a field day poking fun of him in this AP photo.
He's Joaquin in a Whisker Wonderland.
Submitted by Larry Yungk (You had us belly laughing with that one, Larry! Well done!)

Hey I did not know that Phoenix was the newest member of ZZ Top, I thought he was going hip hop.
Submitted by D

Letterman beams as Phoenix properly instructs the audience on how to perform the Subway commercial....5....5 dollar...5 dollar foot long!!!
Submitted by GMan (If you look closely, GMan, he's only doing one hand of the footlong shuffle, as I've come to calling that dance move)

Dave welcomes the great, great-granson of one of the Smith Brothers of cough drop fame.
Submitted by D.Dean

David Letterman interviews Joaquin Phoenix...or is it Tony Clifton...or Clifton's brother? Didn't know he had one. Or is it Bob Zmuda? Wait a minute! Is that really Andy Kauffman? Is he still alive?
Submitted by Attila the Hon

And the hits just keep on coming. Try your hand at today's picture of a dog who appears confused on which door to choose. Help him out with a funny caption?