'American Idol': Hollywood Week continues

On tonight's American Idol, those left standing in the Hollywood round have one last chance to sing for the judges -- with a band, backup singers and, if they choose, their own instrument. No comments or results until the end of the day.

There are 72 people left, and after their final audition, they will be divided into four rooms. But first there's those auditions.


Adam Lambert and his eyeliner are up first. He sings "Believe" by Cher, but he doesn't sing in a disco way at all. There had been some discussion in previous rounds that he was too musical theater, and while he looks to have tried to tone it down, I'm not sure he did that enough.

Matt Giraud, the dueling piano player who got compared to Elliott Yamin in his first audition, performs with his keyboard -- giving a blues-tinged rendition of "Georgia." He gets a standing O from competitors and the judges.


Jamar Rogers sings "Hey There, Delilah," and he has toned down some of the cheese from his earlier auditions. The judges are impressed, and his best friend, Danny, is too.

Danny Gokey is next, and Paula is totally in his corner, jittering all over the place, as he sings "I Hope You Dance." He's good.

Anoop Desai sings "My Prerogative," and he's great fun; then Jorge Nunez .

Scott Macintyre, who is visually impaired, is most comfortable behind the piano, finally gets to perform that way. He sings "Home."

Kendall Beard (bubbly Texan who was one of the few who got through in Puerto Rico), Stevie Wright (16-year-old named for Stevie Nicks), Lil Rounds (single mom of three) and Kristen McNamara (in one of the total drama groups last week) get a little screentime for their auditions.

Mishavonna Henson got cut on day two of Hollywood Week last season and hopes to make it through this time.

My TV cuts out for a bit, so I miss some of the joke about Tatiana Del Toro. She's the one with the crazy giggle who wouldn't stop singing. She is really, really happy with her performance. She even twirls.

Alexis Grace, Kenny Hoffpauer and Jasmine Murray get a little bit of screen time, with Ryan saying they should be proud of their performances (though none of them was particularly fantastic to my ear).

Nathaniel Marshall does an acoustic version of "Disturbia" over clips of the drama from his time in Hollywood fighting with his group.

Joanna Pacitti (the woman who had a record deal and had created some controversy over whether she was truly an amateur) totally spaces out on her words, which leads to a montage of people, including Casey Carlson and Stephen Fowler, losing their lyrics. Ouch.

I'm not feeling the editing decision to cut back and forth between the end of the evening, when the contestants are sitting in their respective rooms waiting to hear whether they made it and back to the beginning of the day, when the auditions took place. We're supposed to get super worked up when Tatiana gets called out of one room and moved to another. Yawn.

Nick Mitchell, the comedian who has performed as his alter ego Norman Gentle, couldn't decide who to perform as, but he went with his comic side for his final audition. He sings "Georgia," writhing all over the floor.


Ann Marie Boskovich freaks out just before her audition because so many others were singing "I Hope You Dance," but she goes with it anyway.

Ju'Not Joyner, who is from Bowie, Md., the first local I've noticed so far, has been "flying under the radar," according to Ryan Seacrest's narration. He sings a slowed-down version of "Hey There, Delilah," and he's pretty good, especially considering that the judges weren't sure about his star quality in his initial audition, as we see for the first time. It looks like they weren't sure, but then his adorable son came in, and they voted him through to Hollywood.

Kaylan Loyd gets interrupted during her rendition of "If I Ain't Got You" -- Simon just stops her without a word, and afterward, she freaks out.

Leneshe Young is the woman who had been homeless at times and who sang one of the first original songs we've ever heard during her initial audition. She sings Sara Barellies' "Love Song," and she's pretty good, though she is stressed afterward.

Kai Kalama had a pretty rough final audition because his voice was worn out after the crazy week.

Michael Sarver is the oil-rig worker hoping to make it to Idol so he can move on to a safer job for his family.

At long last, it's decision time. Room 2 gets the news first. They do the typical total mess-with-them thing, leading them to believe that they are cut, but they are through. This includes: Michael Sarver, Jasmine Murray, Joanna Pacitti, Kai Kalama, Nathaniel Marshall, Alexis Grace, Casey Carlson, Ariana someone whose last name I don't catch.

The other room hears the celebration and begins to question their chances. India Morrison. Michael Castro, Kaylan Loyd and Leneshe Young get the word that they aren't through.

Then it's time for Room 1. They drag it out again, but this group is going on. It includes Scott Macintyre, Danny Gokey, Lil Rounds, Anoop Desai, Jamar Rogers, Adam Lambert, Jorge Nunez and Jackie someone (another last name they didn't put on screen earlier for some reason).

So there is one room left, and they've heard two rooms cheer already, so they are stressing out. Tatiana is freaking out. God, she's annoying. But she's moving through. A bunch of people, including Marylander Ju'Not Joyner and comedian Nick Mitchell, are through.

It's not over, though. These last ... however many ... have to make that long walk to the judges' table tomorrow night and find out whether they are among the Top 36. Sounds like some of them are going to have to sing for their survival. Intriguing! See you then!

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