Which remaining free agents should the Orioles sign?

I just got back from Roch Kubatko's roast. And my former Sun buddy and current MASN blogger got roasted. Aplenty.

But he also dug in like Vladimir Guerrero and took a bunch of hacks himself. As we knew he would.


I think local radio and TV guru Mark Viviano had the line of the night. But I can't share it with you. Viviano made us promise (if you had spent the $25 bucks for the Cool Kids Campaign, you would be in on the joke).

I thought everybody who took their turn at the microphone held their own. I say that partially because now I know how difficult it is. My Sun buddy Pete Schmuck was as solid as I thought he'd be and MASN's Amber Theoharis and former O's PR director Bill Stetka pleasantly surprised me with just how funny they were.


There was also a professional comedian, Larry Lancaster, who quickly showed why he was the pro and we were just playing stand-up for a night.

All in all, it was a good time for a good cause.

Apparently the biggest joke of Wednesday was my Daily Think Special. Drink chips to Stanhouse and Barry for pointing out just how one-sided it was. Seems like everyone thinks the O's did the absolutely right thing by locking up Nick Markakis long term.

At least today I won't offer a question that you can answer with a yes or a no.

We're nearly three weeks away from the start of spring training and there are a ton of free agents still out there. My guess is Andy MacPhail is just about done his winter shopping. He might add a right-handed bat for the bench and another starting pitcher if someone gets desperate and takes a one-year deal.

But I can't see him offering a long-term contract (say, three years or longer) to anyone else.

Still, there are some All-Star-caliber players hanging out there: Ben Sheets, Adam Dunn, Manny Ramirez, Bobby Abreu, Orlando Hudson, Orlando Cabrera, Ivan Rodriguez. And some potentially intriguing, potentially short-term guys: Ty Wigginton, Garret Anderson, Joe Crede, Randy Wolf, Braden Looper, Pedro Martinez and Andy Pettitte.

Here's a list of the full group, courtesy


Daily Think Special: Which available free agents would you want to see on the 2009 Orioles? Would you sign any long term (three or more years)?