Raven vs. Steelers: It's in the numbers

I don't like to talk about the Ravens going to the Super Bowl because I don't want to jinx the team, but I must admit all the signs are coming together in my life to make me believe the Ravens are going back to the promised land.

Here are some things that make me believe the Super Bowl this year is in the cards: Back in 2000 when the Ravens won their first Super Bowl I had arrived in town at the beginning of the season having just left the St. Louis Rams, which, by the way, had just won a Super Bowl. Coincidence?


Oh, it gets deeper: Tony Dungy, from the now Indianapolis Colts which of course used to be the Baltimore Colts announced his retirement. What's the connection to Baltimore? When I was in the seventh grade my aunt was friends with Tony Dungy's aunt. At the time, Dungy was a defensive back for the Pittsburgh Steelers, which back then was my favorite team. I had the terrible towel and even wore the Tony Dungy jersey when nobody was wearing football jerseys around. And Dungy wasn't a starter, so I was walking around with this jersey with Dungy on the back correcting everybody who kept pronouncing his name wrong and sayin' "who's Dung-ee?"

Are you seeing the connection now?

The connection is me.

I leave St Louis, the Rams win the Super Bowl. I come to Baltimore, the Ravens win the Super Bowl. But here's where it gets good: Tony Dungy whom I have a cosmic tie to, retires, or in other words leaves the Colts, an organization that used to be in Baltimore, and the NFL. I get fired and leave the radio airwaves.

Get your tickets to Tampa, the Ravens are going!

Still don't believe me? I even had my Father-in-law who is a numerologist do the numbers.

Here is the breakdown: Flacco is #5 = 5 (quick intelligence, communication). This explains his quick rise. Reed #20= 2 (perceptive, intuitive). This explains his "knack" to be around the ball. Lewis #52 = 7 (psychic, a dreamer). He made the Super Bowl prediction in October .

I also had him do the numbers for the teams: Pittsburg Steelers = 11 (a master number, very powerful, great). Baltimore Ravens = 3 (great fortune). The date of the game 1-18-2009 = 3, which coincides with the 3 of the Ravens giving the Ravens the right date to be successful. And the start of the game 6:30 p.m. = 9 (which is 3 squared, tripling the chance the Ravens have to win).

The Steelers won the Super Bowl that year when I was in seventh grade and I watched while wearing my Dungy jersey waving my terrible towel.