Laura Smitherman tells me that a blog post of mine on Sunday misinterpreted something from her story about legislator furloughs. The state did give us a list of people who have signed up, but it's not necessarily comprehensive: Some people gave money to charity or back to the state but didn't inform the HR department and thus aren't counted. Also, Laura says there's apparently been a flurry of people giving money back in recent days. (I'm sure her story highlighting the issue on the front page of Sunday's paper had nothing to do with it.) The upshot is that printing a list of people who HAVEN'T given the money back isn't really possible. But below the jump is the list that we've got of people who have. (If you're a legislator who has returned the money but isn't on the list, or if you work for such a lawmaker, let us know.)

Update: Some new names are coming in. I'll add them to the list in bold.



John Astle, D-Anne Arundel

James Brochin, D-Baltimore County

Richard Colburn, R-Eastern Shore

Joan Carter Conway, D-Baltimore

George Della, D-Baltimore

James "Ed" DeGrange, D-Anne Arundel

Nathaniel Exum, D-Prince George's

Jennie Forehand, D-Montgomery

Brian Frosh, D-Montgomery

Rob Garagiola, D-Montgomery

Barry Glassman, R-Harford

Janet Greenip, R-Anne Arundel

Larry Haines, R-Carroll


Verna Jones, D-Baltimore

Ed Kasemeyer, D-Howard/Baltimore County

Delores Kelley, D-Baltimore County

Nancy King, D-Montgomery

Allan Kittleman, R-Howard

Kathy Klausmeier, D-Baltimore County

Rona Kramer, D-Montgomery

Michael Lenett, D-Montgomery

Rich Madaleno, D-Montgomery

Nathaniel McFadden, D-Baltimore

Thomas "Mac" Middleton, D-Southern Md.

Mike Milller, D-Calvert/PG

Alex Mooney, R-Frederick

Donald Munson, R-Western Md.

Douglas Peters, D-PG

Paul Pinsky, D-PG

Jamie Raskin, D-Montgomery

James Robey, D-Howard

Bryan Simonaire, R-Anne Arundel

Norman Stone, D-Baltimore County

Delegates: Saqib Ali, D-Montgomery

Curt Anderson, D-Baltimore

Sue Aumann, R-BaltCo

Charles Barkley, D-Montgomery

Ben Barnes, D-PG

Kumar Barve, D-Montgomery

Pamela Beidle, D-Arundel

Wendell Beitzel, R-Western Md.

Joanne Benson, D-PG

Elizabeth Bobo, D-Howard

John Bohanan, D-Southern Md.

Talmadge Branch, D-Baltimore

Eric Bromwell, D-Baltimore County

Bill Bronrott, D-MoCo

Mike Busch, D-Arundel

Rudolph Cane, D-Eastern Shore

Jon Cardin, D-BaltCo

Galen Claggett, D-Frederick

Virginia Claggett, D-Arundel

Frank Conaway, D-Baltimore

Norm Conway, D-Eastern Shore

Steven DeBoy, D-BaltCo

Ann Marie Doory, D-Baltimore

Kathleen Dumais, D-Montgomery

Adelaide Eckardt, R-Eastern Shore

Donald Eliott, R-Carroll/Frederick

Page Elmore, R-Eastern Shore

Brian Feldman, D-MoCo

William Frick, D-MoCo

Barbara Frush, D-Arundel/PG

Tawanna Gaines, D-PG

James Gilchrist, D-MoCo

Cheryl Glenn, D-Baltimore

Melony Griffith, D-PG

Guy Guzzone, D-Howard

Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio, R-Eastern Shore

Keith Haynes, D-Baltimore

Peter Hammen, D-Baltimore

Sue Hecht, D-Frederick

Sheila Hixon, D-MoCo

Carolyn Howard, D-PG

James Hubbard, D-PG

Rick Impallaria, D-BaltCo

Sally Jameson, D-Charles

Adrienne Jones, D-BaltCo

Wade Kach, R-BaltCo

Anne Kaiser, D-PG

Kevin Kelly, D-Western Md.

James King, R-Arundel

Nic Kipke, R-Arundel

Ruth Kirk, D-Baltimore

Benjamin Kramer, D-MoCo

Carolyn Krysiak, D-Baltimore

Stephen Lafferty, D-BaltCo

Murray Levy, D-Southern Md.

Mary Ann Love, D-Arundel

Jim Malone, D-BaltCo

Roger Manno, D-MoCo

James Mathias, D-Eastern Shore

Susan McComas, R-Harford

Patrick McDonough, R-BaltCo

Kevin McHale, D-Baltimore

Maggie McIntosh, D-Baltimore

Warren Miller, R-Howard

Sonny Minnick, D-BaltCo

Heather Mizeur, D-MoCo

Karen Montgomery, D-Montgomery

Dan Morhaim, D-BaltCo

Peter Murphy, D-Charles

LeRoy Myers, R-Western Md.

Shirley Nathan-Pulliam, D-BaltCo

Doyle Niemann, D-PG

Tony O'Donnell, R-Southern Md.

John Olszewski, D-BaltCo

Josaline Pena-Melnyk, D-PG

Shane Pendergrass, D-Howard

James Proctor, D-Charles/PG

Victor Ramirez, D-PG

Kirill Reznik, D-Montgomery

Craig Rice, D-Montgomery

Daniel Riley, R-Harford

Barbara Robinson, D-Baltimore

Sandy Rosenberg, D-Baltimore

Justin "J-5" Ross, D-PG

David Rudolph, D-Cecil

Todd Schuler, D-BaltCo

Tanya Shewell, R-Carroll

Andrew Serafini, R-Western Md.

Chris Shank, R-Western Md. (My apologies for initially putting a "D" after Chris' name; certainly not a mistake that people often make...)

Luiz Simmons, D-MoCo

Ted Sophocleus, D-Arundel

Richard Sossi, R-Eastern Shore

Dana Stein, D-BaltCo

Donna Stifler, R-Harford

Shawn Tarrant, D-Baltimore

Frank Turner, D-Howard

Veronica Turner, D-PG

Kris Valderrama, D-PG

Joseph Vallario, D-PG

Micahel Vaughn, D-PG

Jeff Waldstreicher, D-MoCo

Michael Weir, D-BaltCo

Rick Weldon, I-Frederick

John Wood, D-Southern Md.