Do you trade or extend Brian Roberts?

We're sticking with baseball, but we'll bonus special the college football "championship" as well.

I love college football, and I will watch the game (I say Florida wins, 30-23), but I'm just not going to get too excited until the system is better.


A decent conversation Wednesday. Welcome aboard Dan and other newbies that slipped in. An open tab for BaltoJim for his Aubrey Huff/Turning Japanese reference. I was sure someone would call me on it (my guess was Rob K). Nice job.

I'm also throwing a drink chip Thomas Paine's way for an interesting conspiracy theory.


When I was talking to Koji Uehara's agent, Mark Pieper, I had to shove in a question or two about the Brian Roberts' negotiations. Pieper, a nice guy but extremely close to the vest, basically said there has been no recent progress, but the doors aren't closed yet.

Soon, though, they'll slam shut. Roberts does not want the negotiations to carry into the season, and he's a man of his convictions. When he decides to cut off the talks, they'll stop for good. That'll probably happen before spring training ends.

Basically, the Orioles have about eight to 10 weeks to either sign him to an extension or trade him. There are no other options.

If they don't think they can re-sign him – or they don't want to at a price tag of more than $10 million a year – they have to get something for him now and not wait on a 2010 draft pick. There have been too many examples in the past of the Orioles letting top players go with nothing in return but a pick.

It's a tough call. Roberts is hard-working and community-minded and just happens to be the second-best player on the team. But he's also over 30 and is on a club that needs to acquire more young talent – and fast -- if it has any chance of competing in the near future.

Crunch time is coming. What do you do?

Daily Think Special: You have to do something by April. Do you trade or extend Brian Roberts?

Bonus Think Special: Will you watch the so-called college football title game tonight? Who wins? Predict a score.