Owl Meat starts out the new year with just what we need. Thank you, Owlie. Did I mention that you drink a lot of malbec when you're in Buenos Aires? Wow. These computer keys are really loud. EL

You have all heard the expression "hair of the dog," meaning that the best cure for a hangover is more of what got you there.  Did you know that the expression comes from an old belief that a cure for rabies was to put the hairs from the dog that bit you on the wound? 

I suspect that more than a few people are looking for relief today after whatever happened last night, so here is my guide to ancient and exotic hangover cures: ...

1) Pray to Saint Viviana, the patron saint of overindulgers and hangovers.  Good luck with that.  Praying to Saint Tiberius, the patron saint of starship captains, has not gotten me any farther from Earth.

2) Tweet Relief - Deep fried canary was an old Roman cure.  Don't forget to pull the skin and feathers off.  Sometimes flambéed in cognac.

3) Menudo - Mexican cow stomach soup (tripe).  If it's really fresh tripe, you might get some of the cow's last meal.  Mmm... quadruple digested grass.

4) Voodoo - Embrace the Haitian cure and plunge 13 black pins into the cork of the last bottle you drained.   It's unclear how this would work for a beer hangover.

5) The Thumper - Not just any tea but rabbit droppings tea.  This was favored among the rough and tumble cowboys of the Wild West.

6) A Cup of Thou -  Asian Indians sip a cup of their own urine.  Hey, it's part of the ancient Ayurvedic system of medicine.

7) Here's Looking at Ewe - Mongolians favor a pickled sheep's eyeball in tomato juice.  

8) Mr. Ed Head - Horse brains were an ancient Chinese cure. Just a small amount for breakfast following a night of too much drinking helped to calm their nerves.

9) Hair of the Dog Deluxe - In ancient Greece Pliny the Elder also liked an eel "suffocated in wine."  After dispatching the eel he mashed it up with bitter almonds until it was a paste, then ate it with bread.  Eelzipan anyone?

10) The Best of All -  Another remedy favored by Pliny the Elder (and my personal favorite) is two raw owl eggs.


(Photo credit: Getty Images)