Fresh off recent victories in several states, the Democratic Governors Association today named Raymond Glendening as its political director.

He's the son of former Maryland Gov. Parris N. Glendening, himself a former DGA and National Governors Association chief.


Raymond Glendening had been the group's deputy political director, and got the promotion after Democratic governors expanded their number to 29 with elections this month.

Praising Glendening was the DGA's executive director, Nathan Daschle, who is the son of Tom Daschle, the former South Dakota senator who is Barack Obama's pick to be health and human services secretary.

The younger Glendening is a graduate of West Virginia University, in the home state of the current DGA chairman, West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin.

And you though connections didn't matter?

Available below the jump is the full text of the news release from the association.Washington, D.C. – Following the Democratic Governors Association's historic success of expanding the number of Democratic Governors to 29 – the highest number since 1994 – DGA Chair Gov. Joe Manchin (W.Va.) today announced that Raymond Glendening has been named the organization's National Political Director. For the past year, Glendening served as the DGA's Deputy Political Director and stands ready to continue the organization's significant momentum.

"With Raymond as the DGA's National Political Director, we will build upon our record-breaking year and take the DGA to the next level," Gov. Manchin said. "The 38 gubernatorial races in 2009 and 2010 present us with many challenges as well as many opportunities, and Raymond is the right person to lead our political team to continued success."

DGA Executive Director Nathan Daschle said, "Raymond has been a tremendous asset to the DGA's thriving political program for the past year and has impressed those around him with his intelligence, tenacity, and leadership."

Glendening said, "I am honored to serve America's Democratic Governors and future Democratic Governors. Our candidates are winning in every corner of the country because they share with voters common-sense values and know how to get results. We had many successes this year, and I am looking forward to helping the DGA continue its winning streak."

The DGA this year helped to re-elect every incumbent, win the two Democratic open seats, and expand the number of Democratic Governors to the highest level since 1994. At the beginning of 2009, Democratic Governors will outnumber Republicans Governors 29 to 21.

In 2009, there are gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey; there are 36 races in 2010. National Republicans are publicly predicting a 17-seat pickup between now and 2010, a gain they hope will allow them to gerrymander an additional 30 seats in the House.

"Raymond understands how important the coming years are," Daschle said. "Our nation is on the verge of electing CEOs in 38 states, and the next class of Governors will have a dramatic impact on the future of this country. No one is better suited to lead the DGA's political efforts in this critical time than Raymond Glendening."

Glendening will play a lead role in the DGA's PROJECT 2010, a four-year strategic effort, now half-way complete, to maintain a strong majority of Democratic Governors prior to the redistricting that will occur after the 2010 census.

Prior to joining the DGA earlier this year, Glendening served as Deputy National Field Director for Gov. Bill Richardson's presidential campaign and spent the four previous years as a Political Action Representative at the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) International. Glendening resides in Maryland and is a graduate of West Virginia University.