We're two weeks away from the finals! Yesssss!

(Note: Side cutouts continue to be all the rage when it comes to the women's costumes.)


First up are Cody and Edyta. I hope that Cody does better this week. The couples, by the way, are doing two dances this week, and the stars have a 15-second solo in their Latin dances. Good thing Susan and Cloris are gone; those solos would have been tragic! Cody's first dance is the foxtrot. It's OK; definitely a bit more adult, maybe? Judge Len Goodman says he was pleasantly surprised. He says he had an elegance, and he had nice footwork. Judge Bruno Tonioli says it was grown-up, and he got his jerking in control. As Carrie Ann Inaba begins to speak, someone screams that she loves Cody. Carrie Ann says she took a point off for a foot coming up off the ground. Score: 24

Brooke is the only female celebrity left. She and partner Derek are dancing the tango, which is one of my favorite dances. It's a traditional one that I really like. Brooke really stays in character. Bruno says it was "more than a tango, it was love's diablo." Really? Did I hear that right? Carrie says the dance showed why she is the last woman standing. Len compliments the choreography but criticizes some of the body contact and posture. He says it was riddled with mistakes. Score: 28

Maurice and Cheryl do the quickstep. The sprinter is running while he dancing! Fun! But I think he looks a bit sloppy. His suit pants also look like maroon wind pants, no? Carrie Ann says, "Yeah!" She really liked it. Len says he had great footwork and posture. Bruno mentions that this time, Maurice didn't "deflate" halfway through the dance. What do I know? Clearly nothing. Score: 24

Hooray for Lance and Lacey! First up for my favorite pair is the foxtrot. So, the foxtrot isn't my favorite dance, but they have some really cute elements that I think makes the dance better than Cody and Edyta's. Len says, "You're here on the wrong night! Extreme Makeover was last night!" He says it was, overall, very good. Bruno likes that it was traditional but that little touches retained their quirkiness. Carrie Ann says Lance is "truly a bright light." Score: 26

Warren and Kym do a tango. I really like it. Maybe it's the James Bond theme music, or maybe it's the way both dancers really take command of the floor. It's just really fun to watch. Bruno spouts off his normal craziness, complimenting the dance. I think. Carrie Ann likes how he connects with the audience. "Last week a flop; this week on top!" Len says. Score: 28

After the "Ballroom Round," we learn Brooke and Derek and Warren and Kym are tied for first, and Cody and Edyta and Maurice and Cheryl are at the bottom with 26 apiece. That leaves L and L in the middle. Next up is the "Latin Round."

Now Cody and Edyta dance the mambo. I miss Julianne. Their unison looks a bit off, and I'm pretty sure Edyta's braid is tied to the back of her costume. Awkward! The audience seems to really like Cody's solo though, which ends on top of the judges' desk. Carrie Ann says, "A for effort; A for energy; but it was a little erratic." Len says he hopes Warren doesn't do the same ending. Hee! He says the dance was a bit stiff and angular, but overall good. Bruno also says it was a bit "jerking" but that he, too, appreciates the effort. Score: 24 (48 total)

Brooke and Derek do the mambo, too. And, wow, Brooke starts off with her solo and looks amazing! (Yes, it's worthy of an exclamation point. And by looks I mean dance-wise, not pretty-wise.) It's no easy task to move her feet and hips like she does here. She also does a great split later on. Len says it was "very ambitious." He does say that her legs were a little too flexed. Bruno says she's a great dancer. Carrie Ann says that her posture was a bit off at times. The dance was a bit frantic. Again, what do I know? Score: 27 (55 total)

Maurice and Cheryl do the paso doble, which was their team dance last week. (Ugh. I HATED the team dances!) It's aggressive and powerful. Maurice's solo is just him twirling a cape. Hmmm. Bruno says the routine was strong, imposing and very, very powerful. Carrie Ann loved Maurice's focus. She says he just needs to bridge the gap between the strong steps and the gracefulness. Len says he normally doesn't like cape work, but that it worked well here. Well done, he says. Score: 24 (48 total)

Lance and Lacey dance the samba to a fabulous song, Amerie's "1 Thing." I think his solo looks a little pop starish. Carrie Ann says they did a really good job, and that the song (they don't get to pick what they dance to!) and dance were really hard to master. She says Lance looked up too much in his solo (much like Audrina Patridge from The Hills!). Len says he saw elements of the samba in the performance, but that Lance needs to work on his footwork. Bruno says his solo was good -- that he owned the audience, and that the dance was very difficult. Score: 24 (50 total)

Warren and Kym do a jive. This is Latin? Who knew. Warren is just so fun to watch. His solo makes me smile. Len says it was a joyful thing to watch other than his feet. Bruno agrees that his feet were flat, but that Kym choreographed to his strengths. Carrie Ann says she loved that his feet kept going and that he had plenty of energy. Score: 26 (54 total)

So Brooke and Derek are still on top, Cody and Edyta and Maurice and Cheryl on the bottom. Host Tom says it's been an unprecedented night of competition. Isn't it always? I bet Tuesday will be an unprecedented night of results show. A show that is toooooo long.