Nothing says Sunday at this time of year to millions of Americans like TV football and 60 Minutes. And the person in large part responsible for the quality of both is Sean McManus, president of news and sports at CBS.

(As most Baltimore readers know, McManus is the son of Jim McKay, the legendary and beloved ABC sports announcer and longtime area resident who died earlier this year.)


Sean you know the history of 60 Minutes better than me. But as you recall, the show was not successful when it first debuted in 1968. It was not until it moved to Sunday night after football that it took off. Do you think the football runover past 7 p.m. like you had last Sunday before the Barack Obama interview still matters to 60 Minutes?

Just co-incidence, I guess…

As to 60 Minutes becoming the number one show for the second week in a row, and having the largest audience, 25.1 million, for any hour of TV this year, what do you think is going on?

Can you compare 60 Minutes today to other points in its long history?

Sean, during this time of media tumult is there a lesson here for others in the media that says if you have an outstanding product and you stick to your journalistic guns, you'll be OK business-wise?

And a Katie Couric

(Above: CBS Photo of Sean McManus)