Thanks for checking out Caption Call and our weekly photo caption contest. Here are the shining stars of the week in captions; feel free to disagree if you want or try to be even funnier.

The guys in this Getty Images photo were actually taking in some Ryder Cup action in September. Who were they cheering on that required such neon green outfits?


Snap Crackle & Pop celebrate St Patrick's Day
Submitted by Tony N

We're a sucker for a great picture of Pamela Anderson with plastic people. This AP pic shows her with David Spade and a bunch of stormtroopers at the 2003 Spike TV Video Game Awards.
David Spade attempts the Jedi mind trick: "These aren't the breasts you're looking for..."
Submitted by D.Keefer

The perfect photo op: President-elect Obama meets with Preident Bush and gets the official White House tour. We know they probably had a good talk, but in this photo it doesn't look like Bush is listening. (Getty Images)

Five. Five dollar. Five dollar footlongs.
Submitted by Dave to the P
(Bonus points for getting that dang jingle stuck in our heads all day after reading this caption, Dave)

So you mean to tell me that you would shake the "Presidential 8 Ball" to make your decisions?
Submitted by Quinn

The sea lion in this Getty Images photo lives in a zoo in southern Germany. We thought he looks so effortless in his attempt to catch the fish.

That's pretty much what I look like on Fridays during Lent.
Submitted by Dave to the P (Congrats on the two-fer)

Ok, ok. It's early for Christmas, we know. But the Santas-in-training in this Getty Images photo are actually waiting to watch a film in London called "Santa School." Wonder if there were this many Santas at the filming.
 Excuse me. Please tell me where you got your permanent wave? I tried everything, but my hair will not hold a curl!
 Submitted by Pie Snelson

After you've soaked up all the inspiration you can from the earlier photos, try your pen at writing a funny caption for these funny nuggets. They're so creepy with their little legs.