Let's stay in the past for one more day.

Let's raise our glasses to the 1983 Orioles, who won the franchise's last World Series 25 years ago today.


Free shots of Rick Dempsey's Tarpslides courtesy of the old barkeep.

Now, if you want to stick around and drown your sorrows in the fact that it has been 25 years since your beloved Orioles have been in a World Series -- please do. The more the merrier.

Those of you who stopped by Wednesday for a chat about the best Orioles team ever pretty much agreed that the 1970 World Champions deserve that title. Some of you think the 1983 club falls behind several others including the 1966, 1969 and 1979 versions.

Perhaps the 1983 team carries so much nostalgia for many of us because it was the last great Oriole Way team. Or because that group of guys was so utterly likable.

It had every possible component, every conceivable baseball cliche: The aloof superstar (Eddie Murray), the hometown boy (Cal Ripken Jr.), the celebrity (Jim Palmer), the class clown (Rick Dempsey), the Everyman (Scott McGregor), the lovable oddball (John Lowenstein), the dry wit (Mike Flanagan), the dirtdog (Rich Dauer), the class act (Ken Singleton), the misguided talent (Dennis Martinez), the young gun (Mike Boddicker) and the crafty veteran (Tippy Martinez). And together they won a title.

If you asked 10 fans back in 1983 about their favorite Oriole, it's possible you would have received 10 different answers. My favorite back then was Gary Roenicke. I liked his toughness, the way he played the game and the way he accepted his role.

One of my high school buddies, who was quiet and business-like, loved Dauer's grit. Another pal had dogs named Flanagan and McGregor, and man he loved those mutts.

One of my best friends in the business, Palm Beach Post entertainment reporter Leslie Gray Streeter, grew up in Baltimore with a twin sister.

(If you have a minute, check out Leslie's Oct. 3 blog entry comparing maverick politician John McCain to Bret Maverick, Maverick from Top Gun and Mavs' owner Mark Cuban. Funny stuff.)

Leslie and her sister were pre-teens obsessed with the Orioles back in 1983. Both adored Murray and Singleton, and they couldn't pick between the two because combined they were the perfect man.

Leslie said Murray was the mysterious bad boy you wanted to date and Singleton was the dreamy gentleman you wanted to marry.

The point is that there were plenty of favorites to choose from on that 1983 Orioles team. Who was yours?

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