We're drifting back to baseball now that we spent some time on the NFL. I was expecting more fireworks Tuesday concerning Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome after some of you trashed him Monday in a separate conversation.

But it was pretty tame, and the consensus was basically what I had thought. Newsome hasn't been perfect in his decisions, but overall he's done an admirable job. Of course, several of you warned this offseason would be a real test for Ozzie.


We're going with an anniversary theme today -- and no I'm not talking about the bar's six-month anniversary, which came and went Monday without any fanfare. (You guys didn't even buy me a card -- or a drink).

The one I am talking about is more important and bittersweet: 25 years since the O's won a World Series. Thursday is the anniversary of the Game 5 clincher in Philly. Amazing to think that when Cal Ripken Jr. wrapped his glove around the third out in the ninth, it would be the last time he'd ever play in a World Series game. Sad.

Anyway, my Sun colleague and fellow Baltimoron Childs Walker and I were asked to come up with a Faceoff question involving the 1983 postseason. We knocked around some ideas and one I suggested was to debate whether that 1983 team was the best the Orioles ever fielded. But neither of us could go with that premise.

We agree that the greatest Orioles team was likely one that played from 1966-71. But, honestly, the 1983 team shouldn't be far down on the list. I thought it would be a great topic for discussion here, although it's a little similar to one we have done in the past. But it's a special anniversary, so we'll recycle a bit. It's good for the environment.

Statistically speaking, the 1969 team won more regular-season games than any other O's club (109), but they lost to the New York Mets in the World Series.

The 1966 Orioles swept the mighty Los Angeles Dodgers in four games, but they won fewer regular season games than any other Orioles' World Champion and only had to play one postseason round.

The 1971 club featured four 20-game winners, but it, too, was a World Series loser. And that has to count.

For me, the 1970 Orioles club gets the nod for greatest O's team ever. They won the second-most regular season games in franchise history (108) and then beat the Big Red Machine. They also were in the middle of their three-year reign as best AL team.

They had six hitters with 17 or more homers; three 20-game winners, including two with 24 wins; and just one regular pitcher with an ERA over 3.80. So that 1970 squad is my choice, though I was an infant when it won the World Series.

As a child of the 1980s, however, I don't think you can discount those 1983 Orioles from the "best ever" discussion. They had five hitters with 15 homers or more; two legit MVP candidates in future Hall of Famers Ripken and Eddie Murray and, in a different pitching era from the early 1970s, four starters with double-digit wins and an ERA under 3.60.

So could they end up second on your list?

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