Today's Oriole-related featured comment

Today's featured comment comes from Maxmorf, who apparently had some things to get off his chest:

Maxmorf's take: Good to hear that the boys are doing well (at the Arizona Fall League), because gosh knows we O's fans need to hear some good news, ANY news because, quite frankly, I'm less than enthralled by a Phillies vs. Rays Series, though it is nice to see somebody other than those millionares clubs in NY and LA playing in the fall classic. Okay, now to business, i.e. getting the Orioles on the right path again.


No. 1: Trade Roberts. He's in his 30s, unless he is wearing a big red "S" under his O's jersey, he's soon to start making those first steps either towards the broadcast booth or selling insurance or AMWAY products, whatever happens to players when they don't play anymore. His value will never be higher and you never know if he'll have a recurrence of injury. Knowing MacPhail, he'll make a trade if he is given value. "Value" btw, looks like Alex Rodriguez and not Kiko Garcia. You'd think that would be obvious, but for proof, see Syd Thrift.

No. 2: Forget "Tex" and AJ Burnett. Tex ain't leavin' California, and AJ has injury issues and haven't we been burned enough with injuries? Take the money you would have wasted on these guys and their brethren and invest it in the farm system. We should be creating a network of baseball schools across the globe. Over a billion Chinese and Russians and not one can pitch or hit a ball? C'mon.


No. 3: Bring back the fans. Somebody get a decent medium so we can conjure the ghost of Bill Veeck to give the O's front office some halfway decent promotional ideas.

No. 4: Take the great three-headed project, Olson-Liz-Burres, and put them in the bullpen where they belong. They all pitched a heckuva lot better coming out of the bullpen, particularly Olson and Burres, than they did as starters. But watch Liz. He's the one I think may have the best potential to stick as a starter.

No. 5: Give Kevin Millar the Key to the City and promise of a job, any job, with the club after he retires and then show him the door. Kevin is a tremendous asset, but he's keeping younger guys who need a chance from having that chance. I hope that if Kevin does leave, he does return in some capacity with the Orioles ala Rick Dempsey.

That's all.

Pete's reply: That's all? Who's your publisher?