An unforgettable segment on Raw that would best be forgotten

I knew that nothing good could come of Johnny Knoxville and his fellow jackasses appearing on Raw last night, but it was far worse than I imagined. In fact, I think it was one of the worst segments in the history of Raw.

The segment actually got off to a great start. Santino Marella was being his usual entertaining self, cutting a promo about his three potential opponents at the Cyber Sunday pay-per-view on Oct. 26 – The Honky Donky Man, Rodney The Piper and Golden Dust – and then Knoxville was introduced into the proceedings.


After some not-so-interesting banter, Beth Phoenix scooped up Knoxville and attempted to slam him, but she ended up dropping him. It was quite embarrassing, but as Chris Jericho would say, the worst was yet to come.

From there, some of my least favorite WWE characters – Hornswoggle, The Boogeyman and Big Dick Johnson – took turns interacting with Knoxville and Jackass cohort Chris Pontius. Pontius, by the way, was wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers T-shirt, confirming that he indeed is a jackass.

At one point, Pontius and the grotesque Johnson danced around the ring in thongs. Yeah, that's just what the predominantly male WWE audience wants to see. The scene mercifully ended with The Great Khali taking out Knoxville. Khali instantly became my new favorite wrestler.

As all of this was going on, I kept thinking that I had dozed off and was having a nightmare. I kept expecting The Shockmaster to come out and trip getting into the ring, The Gobbledygooker to emerge from a giant egg and Master P and the No Limit Soldiers to start chanting "Hoody hoo!"

I hope I just didn't give anyone on the WWE creative team any ideas.

Other thoughts on last night's show:

Except for that WrestleCrap-worthy segment, the rest of Raw wasn't bad. The best part was the show-long angle of Jericho and Batista trying to outsmart each other. …

I have mixed feelings on how CM Punk was booked. On one hand, it makes him look like a big deal for Batista to have hand-picked him to face Jericho. But the finish of the match kind of made Punk look weak. Jericho hit his Codebreaker finisher and was about to cleanly defeat Punk, but Batista refused to make the three-count. Batista then power-bombed Jericho, and Punk pinned him. It will go down in the official record book – who is in charge of keeping the official record book anyway? – as Punk pinning the world heavyweight champion, but the way it occurred probably hurt Punk more than it helped him.

I think a better finish would have been Jericho and Punk both falling down after knocking heads, and Jericho just happening to land on top of Punk. Then Batista refuses to count the three, and after Jericho confronts Batista, Punk hits the GTS for the win. But that's just me. …

Batista looked a little silly wearing a ref shirt that was too small with his wrestling trunks. At least he could have worn long pants. …

The Batista-Shawn Michaels match wasn't as crisp as one would think, and the pace was a tad slow. It could have been because Michaels was still hurting from the ladder match against Jericho at the No Mercy pay-per-view on Oct. 5. He was selling that he was banged up from that match, but it might not have been just an act. …

I thought the handshake between Batista and Michaels was a good way to bring closure to their feud. It wouldn't have made any sense for a Batista Bomb or Sweet Chin Music to occur after the handshake. …

As soon as JBL referred to himself as a "real American," you knew Charlie Haas was coming out as Haas Hogan. The big boot to the face never looked so good, brother. Just wondering: How did Haas know that JBL was going to say that he was a "real American?" …

The biggest exaggeration of the night: Jerry Lawler calling Knoxville "a huge star." Actually, he might be if we're comparing him to Cousin Sal.