You have no idea what an Auchentoroly is, but know where there is a street (a terrace actually) named after one.

You have great memories of Memorial Stadium, an the days when Brooks, Frank, Jim Palmer, Gus Triandos, Mark Belanger, Luis Aparicio, Jim Gentile, Milt Pappas, Dave McNally, Andy Etchebarren, Eddie Murray, Hoyt Wilhelm, Dave Johnson, Rick Dempsey, Earl Weaver, and the
Ripken boys gave Baltimore plenty of seasons and reasons to be proud.


You had to pull out the BS sign when Robert Irsay declared that he had to move (steal) the Colts from Baltimore, because the city would not support a team.

We didn't get to be the world's largest outdoor insane asylum for nothing.  The names of Johnny Unitas, Raymond Berry,  Bill Pellington, Art Donovan, Tom Matte, Alan Ameche, Gino Marchetti, Jim Mutscheler, Lenny Moore, John Mackey, Big Daddy, Jimmy Orr, Bert Jones,
Lydell Mitchell, John Dutton, Mike Barnes, Joe Ehrman, Fred Cook, and many
others are held in reverence to this day!  Wouldn't support a team .....hmmm!!!!

You remember when Baltimore Street was a gaping cavern covered by wooden planks and steel plates during years of subway construction.

You still cheer for the Orioles even when they aren't doing well, and root for anyone playing the Yankees or Colts. There'll never be even the slightest hint of forgiveness for Bob Irsay,
and Mayflower Movers might as well move themselves to Indiana for all the
business I'll ever give them.