Who is your favorite sports movie character?

OK people, the line of those who hate John Goodman's Babe Ruth starts behind me.

I don't know what it is about hate, but my customers always deliver when that's the topic. Wednesday's discussion centered on the worst sports movie of all time, and we were almost unanimous that Goodman's Babe was a stinker.


Susan gets a shot on me for suggesting that movie should be banned for all impressionable children -- just because it was so awful.

Free drinks today for Mr. Deez and his appropriate trashing of Varsity Blues. Boy was that one bad. Wayne also gets drink chips for his actors' list.


We also had a lot of customers I didn't recognize join the scrum. Welcome all -- and yes, Jason J., we'll spike your coffee whenever you need it.

We're sticking with the movie theme today. I almost made this a two-parter, but I think I'll save the other one for tomorrow, depending on the response of this one.

Let's talk about the best sports movie character of all time. It's not an easy one because you are often mixing decades and genres. I mean, how do you compare Hoosiers' Norman Dale to Caddyshack's Carl Spackler?

I'm not sure, but I am making you do it. Figure out your own criteria.

I do have one rule: Throw out anyone who is real. Anyone in a biopic -- such as Rudy or The Hurricane for instance -- is out. Sure, many film characters are based on real people, but they have to have different names, different identities to make our list.

That said, my favorite of all time is Annie Savoy, Susan Sarandon's groupie literature professor in Bull Durham. She's sexy, smart, knows literature and baseball, and even references the Frank Robinson-Milt Pappas trade. I mean, come on. Groupie or not, that's a perfect woman.

My oldest daughter's name is Annie, and she's named after my wife's grandmother and my mom. But friends who know me well wonder if Ms. Savoy didn't seep into my consciousness, too, when I agreed to the name.

Anyway, Annie Savoy tops my list, edging out Rocky Balboa and Bill Murray's crazed groundskeeper, who incidentally is the sports movie character I quote the most.


Daily Think Special: Who's your favorite sports movie character of all time?