What is the worst sports movie?

Nice array of movies in Tuesday's conversations about the greatest sports flick.

Was surprised to get a lot of Rudy mentions. That's one people either love or hate. I usually agree with Martha -- and we do again about Young Frankenstein -- but Bagger Vance? Couldn't embrace that one.


Kudos to everyone who mentioned Hoosiers and Brian's Song. I think Brian's Song was the first movie that made me cry. Saw it and Old Yeller around the same time, so one of those was the first.

Jason gets free drinks all night for mentioning Million Dollar Baby. Boy, that was a powerful one, and I forgot all about it.


We're sticking with the movie theme again today. But we're going the opposite way. How about the worst sports movie ever?

For me, it has to be that Babe Ruth film starring John Goodman. Just plain awful. And Any Given Sunday bored me to tears, too.

I know there have to be some awful ones I have erased from my memory. And where better to get flashbacks than the bar?

I'm curious to see if Rudy and Field of Dreams get nods for worst-ever, too.

Daily Think Special: What's the worst sports movie ever?