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Welcome to my blog

Thanks for checking out my blog, where you will find my blithering bloviation on the classical music scene. I don't want it to be entirely about me (honest, really, I mean it). Please feel free to post your comments, recommendations, links, etc. Why should political blogs have all the fun? We classical music types can be just as emphatically opinionated as anybody else, so don't hesitate to prove that. I'd love to hear from you.

Although I plan to continue attending all sorts of performances in the Baltimore/Washinton area (and beyond), just as I have for the past eight years, I won't be able to get as many reviews into the print edition as I used to.  A lot of those reviews will be posted here from now on. I'll also be using the blog to alert you to notable events or developments, recordings and DVDs -- anything I think will be of interest to those who love classical music (or want to learn more about it).

Thanks again for reading. I'll be talking to you soon.

BALTIMORE SUN PHOTO: Gene Sweeney, Jr. (2008)

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