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Boy, I love it when people do my work for me. Here's a season-closing, marathon post from Birdland Todd, who says he wants my opinion but really just wrote so he could get his votes on the record for all the postseason awards:

Todd's take: Pete, at the beginning of the month, I asked you who you thought would be the MVP, ROY, Cy Young and Manager of the Year in both leagues, so with Sunday being it, who are your picks now?


AL MVP: Justin Morneau (I don't think the Twins would be in the hunt without this guy, as they are a soft hitting team so no way they make up the 129 runs that Justin knocked in)

Rookie of the Year: Evan Longoria


Cy Young: Cliff Lee (lower right)

Manager of the Year: Joe Maddon

NL MVP: Ryan Howard (The avg. isn't good nor the errors, but this guy produced when it counted and carried the team to a division title)

Rookie of the Year: Geovany Soto

CY Young: Johan Santana (I had Webb at the beginning of the month, but Johan was the one Met pitcher that basically carried his team and did it under a huge spotlight)

Manager of the Year: Joe Torre (It would be easy to go with Lou, but the Dodgers played without Furcal for 120+ games. They lost their closer for 60 days. Andruw Jones was injured and Kent missed a big portion and has been basically a pinch hitter since coming back and yet they won their division)

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Comeback player of the year: Carlos Delgado (Hamiltons' story was great, but my definition of a comeback player is someone who's an established player, but either in decline or coming back from a serious injury. Carlos was awesome this year and showed that he is still a feared hitter with 38 HRs and 115 RBIs)

Most Valuable Oriole: Nick Markakis, as this guy walks, scores runs, hits doubles, hit .300, gold glove arm and helps retrieve the grocery cart for elderly women.

Pete's picks...

AL MVP: Carlos Quentin -- I'm overweighting the "value to his team" to make up for his injury.

NL MVP: Ryan Howard -- Slam dunk.

AL Cy Young: Cliff Lee -- No argument here.


NL Cy Young: Tim Lincecum -- Best all-around season. MVP value to team is not part of the equation.

AL Rookie: Evan Longoria -- Simply the best first-year player in either league...in awhile.

NL Rookie: Geovany Soto -- Terrific all-around rookie season for a catcher.

AL Manager: Joe Maddon -- No need to comment here.

NL Manager: Lou Piniella -- Best record in NL and, well, it's the Cubs.

Comeback Player of the Year: Cliff Lee -- Can't go with Delgado (24 HR, 87 RBI) or Hamilton (19 homers in a half-season in 2007). Lee went from 5-8 to 22-3, for God's sake.

Orioles MVP: Aubrey Huff

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