Today's featured comment

Today's featured comment comes from our funny friend Chris Joseph, who obviously can't wait for Sunday:

Chris's take: I'm really looking forward to this final weekend, just to see if the O's can clinch the Triple Crown of Wildness (walks, HBP, WP). The walks and hit batsmen are locks, but since the WP race is so close, it could take a Sunday cameo from DCab to nail it down. It might go something like this...


It's the ninth inning, and the Blue Jays have the bases loaded (from walks, naturally). Dave Trembley approaches the mound and signals for the righty. The gate swings open, and the tall, angular frame of Daniel Cabrera (left) lopes in. The massive crowd of 837 goes wild and chants, "Ball-o, Ball-o" which (pardon my French) I believe is Spanish for "one who possesses the control of a rabid pit bull."

Trembley places the baseball in Daniel's massive right paw, pats him on the back, and says, "Trust your stuff. Just aim for the middle of the plate, and everything will be fine..Oh yeah, and respect the game, dammit!" Daniel fires his first warm up toss into the club level, which is just as well because Ramon Hernandez is devouring his third crab pretzel from Phillip's and wouldn't have caught it anyway.

The batter steps in. Daniel toes the rubber, reaches back, and lets it fly... ...The ball bounces five feet in front of the plate, past Hernandez who is now perusing the dinner menu from the Rusty Scupper. The runner trots home from third. It's all over! The O's have won the Triple Crown! But when his teammates run from the dugout to mob him, Daniel has to be restrained because he thinks it's the Yankees coming for revenge.

Some post-game comments:

Trembley: "I'm so proud. Good things happen when you respect the game, dammit."

Cabrera: "I just aimed for the middle, trusted my stuff, and respected the game, dammit. I just wish I could have decked Derek Jeter."

Hernandez: "I'm not sure if I should go with the Tilapia Francaise or the Blackened Diver Sea Scallops...What the hell--I'll just order both."

Sorry. It's been another long season...

Pete's take: I can't improve on that, so I'll just head to Baltimore for my regular appearance on The Week in Review on WBAL (1090). The panel to day is yours truly, Clarence Mitchell IV, former first lady Kendel Ehrlich and 98 Rock personality Mickey Cucchiella. If you aren't near a radio, go to WBAL.com and click on the "Listen Live" icon.

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