Last night's episode of Project Runway starts with the obligatory bathroom shot. The designers are getting ready for another day. And what awaits them when they get to the runway? They get to repick their models.

There are eight models and five designers since we've had some challenges in which the models weren't used. Jerell gets to choose first because he won the last challenge, and he stays with Nicole. Kenley takes Joe's old model. Leanne takes Suede's model; he's upset. Suede chooses, then Korto has the last pick. That means three models are out, including Caroline, Leanne's old model.


In the workroom, Tim tells the designers that they will be designing for each other. (So, essentially, they repicked models for NO reason at all.) Suede will design for Jerell. Kenley will be designing for Leanne. Korto for Suede. Jerell for Kenley. Leanne for Korto. No one looks happy. Tim says they must each create a look for their client inspired by a musical genre. Tim then picks what each client's outfit will be: Kenley's genre is pop (meaning she will be dressed like a Pussycat Doll). She's not excited. Suede's genre is punk. Korto's is country. Leanne gets hip-hop. Leanne looks sick. She knows she's going to have one ugly retro hip-hop dress. Jerell gets rock and roll.

"Yo, Kenley's gonna make an outfit for me; she better not make it look like it's from 1950!" Leanne says in a confessional. (Do rappers use semicolons?)

Kenley starts talking about high-waisted jeans. Right. I totally see rappers in high-waisted jeans all the time! Jerell says he's making Kenley into "Kenley Spears" and that she WON'T look like she's from the 1950s.

Time for shopping at Mood. Kenley picks a print. What a surprise.

Korto says the other designers are just going to let her think her outfit is hip-hop. Jerell is making a fishnet mini-dress with cuffs. Kenley says Jerell thinks she has a better body than she actually does. Korto is making somewhat tight pants for Suede's punk outfit. Suede talks about how he's dressed Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Destiny's Child. Then Kenley tries on her outfit. It's pretty funny.

Tim soon comes to check in with the designers. He says Jerell's pop outfit is a "beautiful silhouette" and that it could use more, but it needs the "right" more. Probably not a whole lot of the blue faux fur Tim squawks at. Tim asks Leanne if her country outfit for Korto is too subtle. She says she needs to do more thinking. Korto is trying to avoid cliches, but Tim says the outfit isn't punk enough yet. Suede tells Tim that he's scaring him because he's not saying anything about his outfit. Tim tells him he could get away with just about anything, and that maybe it's not rock and roll enough.

On to our favorite. Kenley tells Tim that she sees a lot of hip-hop artists wearing tight jeans and leather. Really? Tim counters her, asking, "Isn't part of the whole hip-hop thing oversized?" No, she says, that's '80s hip-hop. Again, really? "I'm gonna make her look stupid!" Kenley whines about the thought of not making something that she personally would wear. "You need to listen; it will benefit you tremendously as a designer," Tim lectures. He tells her to "remove the sarcasm." She says she isn't going to listen to Tim. So, Leanne tries on the pants. What are with those ugly gold buttons? Sigh. (I'm totally turning this into the Kenley recap. I'm sorry.)

Korto grabs a bottle of bleach and starts dousing her pants and sneakers. I didn't know bleach was punk.

The next morning, the designers finish up their so-far awful looking garments. Leanne is trying to squeeze into, as Jerell calls it, a "children's-sized hip-hop suit." Jerell's just like, "Yup, that's hip-hop." The designers get their hair and makeup done. It all looks pretty awesome. As for the outfits ... well, I guess I'll go with Jerell's Kenley Spears.

Time for the judging. Guest judge LL Cool J is totally going to call out that hip-hop mess. As Leanne walks down the runway, Kenley says she looks like "a big, fat poser" in her outfit. Of course, she's blaming Leanne for not selling the outfit. Korto is happy with Suede's runway walk, though. He looks great in the outfit. But, god, I think those bleached pants are awful. I have no idea what Jerell is supposed to look like. Rock, technically. Kind of boring, definitely.

LL Cool J says Korto's outfit for Suede has a lot of energy; judge Nina Garcia says he looks like Marilyn Manson. Really Nina? She likes the treatment Korto gave the pants. Judge Michael Kors says it's a nice silhouette. I'll agree with that. It fits well.

Michael likes the vest of Suede's outfit for Jerell. The judges add that it needs a bit more drama. Heidi sums it up pretty well: Jerell looks like Jerell. Yawn.

Kenley actually says nice stuff about Jerell's pop outfit. Nina likes it a lot. LL wanted to see more skin, but then when K took the blue vest off, he saw more skin. Michael says it's "sexy, but it's not vulgar."

Judge Heidi Klum starts off telling Kenley that Leanimal's pants "these are probably the most unflattering pants I've ever seen in my life." LL says straight up that it's not hip-hop. K whines that she didn't want to put oversized pants and a backwards hat on her. "Everyone's was hard," Nina says. "You're not alone in this."


Leanne explains her outfit. Nina likes the colors, but she would have liked to see more glamour. The skirt fits her well, but the designers say that it doesn't look country enough. (During the actual judging, Michael says it was a "little too much like, I don't know, a woman going out to eat ribs.")

Korto wins the challenge. Finally! She always comes so close and is such a good designer. Well done, even though I don't think people who enjoy punk music wear bleached black-and-orange pants. Jerell is in, as is Leanne. It's down to Kenley and Suede. The one-trick-pony should be going home, but I have a feeling it's going to be Suede. Overall, Suede's been in the bottom more often, and I bet the producers love Kenley's mouthing off. And I'm right. Suede will no longer be talking in the third person on TV.

Next week: crying designers.