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Obama vs. McCain: Who would you rather drink with?

This is an important question, methinks. America loves a good all-night throw down.

And all politics aside, I personally think presidential hopeful John McCain would be more fun to close out a corner bar with.


But Roommate Patchen brings up a couple interesting points when it comes to Barack Obama:

McCain would be more fun one-on-one in a bar crawl.

But Obama would get me into much better clubs (ones that had real dancing instead of square dancing) and would make sure the ladies paid equal attention to me.  After all, Obama was the one who called a journalist to apologize for ruining his game in front of a cute intern.  Obama looks out for his bros, and would make good if he botched it.

McCain, on the other hand, would be the type to play practical jokes with your drink while you were in the bathroom.



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