Off day in Baltimore today. But, on a humid September day -- only in Baltimore is that phrase often accurate -- the bar is open.

No pro football. No Orioles. There's got to be a high school field hockey game or something going on.


The Orioles had a fairly impressive win Sunday -- as impressive as it gets in September when you're more than 20 games out.

Afterward, the players went to the ESPN Zone for Brian Roberts' annual "Brian's Bash" fundraiser which helps sick children. Roberts is one of those pro athletes who tries to make a difference with his fame. I have a whole lot of respect for guys like that.

One of the funniest lines of recent years came out of Brian's Bash, or more specifically the silent auction held there. One of the items a few years ago was a half-hour bullpen session with then pitching coach Leo Mazzone.

One Oriole, whose identity I'll never reveal, tried to encourage then-Orioles lefty Bruce Chen to bid on it.

"Chenner, you win that, Leo will have to work with you," the Oriole joked.

Anyway, it got me thinking. If you could buy something for an Oriole, what would it be?

Would you purchase an electric shock collar for Daniel Cabrera, engaging it whenever he throws two balls in a row? Would you buy Ramon Hernandez one of those pitch-back nets to put behind him to collect passed balls?

Would you get Jay Payton an outs counter for when he is on base so he doesn't have to rely on the Camden Yards scoreboard?

Would you get Dave Trembley a year's worth of Tums, with an option for a second year's shipment?

Be creative; it is September after all.

Daily Think Special: What gift would you give an Oriole?