'America's Next Top Model': Cycle 11 finalists revealed

Last night's America's Next Top Model did not disappoint.

The show had a futuristic theme. Semi-finalists went to the "Top Model Institute Of Technology" to see if they made the cut (all wore futuristic, form-fitting body suits). Miss J Alexander, Mr. Jay Manuel and Tyra Banks got in the act.


As the girls started to get to know each other, one contestant, Kacey, was very vocal in her opposition of Isis. Isis, as you probably already know, is the show's first transgendered finalist. In the end, it didn't matter what Kacey thought. She didn't advance to the finals.

Here are this year's finalists:

  • Analeigh, 19, from Sacramento, Calif. The judges said she looks like a star.
  • Brittany R., 19, from Henderson, Nev. Her mother is black; her father is Native American.
  • Clark, 19, from Pawleys Island, S.C. She's very confident.
  • Elina, 18, from Seattle. She's a vegan and is already developing a crush on Clark. Tyra says she's intimidating.
  • Hannah, 19, from Fairbanks, Alaska. She is very innocent and grew up poor.
  • Isis, 22, from Prince George's County. Mr. Jay said she can be a high fashion model.
  • Joslyn, 23, from Lucky, La. She is one of the oldest contestants and said she's tried out for the show 30 times.
  • Lauren Brie, 20, from Charlottesville, Va. Tyra says her face looks like an angel.
  • Marjorie, 19, from San Francisco. She has a French accent. Jay Manuel likes her look.
  • Brittany "McKey", 19, from Lake Forest, Ill. She does martial arts. Changed he name to McKey because of the multiple Brittanys in the competition.
  • Nikeysha, 19, from Bronx, N.Y. She flashed the judges during her audition.
  • Samantha Potter, 18, from Woodland Hills, Calif. She has a horrible walk. She didn't know the names of five working models. Tyra kind of chewed her out.
  • Brittany, 18, from Chicago. She changed her name to "Sharaun."
  • Sheena Sakai, 21, from Harlem, N.Y. She said she's "not the typical Asian chick."

The second hour of the show brought the women to their new home in Los Angeles.

Clark said people like Isis "get shot" in small towns. She also said "Isis has no place in this competition." (Wow)

The next night, the models go to their first challenge. It's an interview the judges. That means Paulina Porizkova and Nigel Barker make their first appearances. Paulina liked Samantha. Nigel really liked Isis. Sharuan overdoes it with her confidence.

The next day was photo shoot revolving around the election. Each contestant was given an election issue and needed to take a picture tied to the theme. For example, Marjorie posed to immigration. Clark posed to bureaucracy. Photographer Mike Rosenthal shot the challenge.

At the elimination, Tyra reminds the contestants that the winner of the entire show receives a contract with Elite Model Management; a six-page spread in Seventeen magazine; and a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl cosmetics. When its time to announce the results of the elimination, Marjorie's name was called first, which means as the photo shoot winner, her photo will be posted in the house for the rest of the week. (That's a new feature this year.) Isis is called second. (Very impressive.)

Finally, it's down to two girls: Sharaun and Nikeysha. Tyra said the judges didn't feel inspired by Sharaun. The judges were not happy with Nikeysha cutting them off during the critiques.

Nikeysha is saved. Sharaun essentially gets into the fetal position and cries uncontrollably. She says her journey to become someone will not end with her elimination.

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