Who are your NFL breakout players?

Well, it looks like pessimism isn't just reserved for the Orioles these days.



I guessed that the Ravens over-under win total this year would be six. And, during Friday's conversation, many of you took the under.

Oh, how things change quickly in the fluid NFL.

We're going to stick with the football theme this weekend, partially because we got good responses and partially because my mind is there right now.

I hate to admit it publicly, but, yes, I play fantasy football. So do a bunch of the Orioles and I have talked to some of them about their upcoming drafts.

I had one draft already and have another over the Labor Day weekend. And I am sure there are plenty of you out there that are doing the same thing.

So help me help you. And maybe I'll learn something, too. If you don't play, you can still participate in this discussion, because I simply want your predictions on unheralded players who will have big years.

The whole key to do doing well in fantasy football is to identify the breakout players, guys who you can get late or cheap (depending on your draft's style) and will produce like a top-rounder.

Those who selected Wes Welker and Ryan Grant late last year were smiling in December.

So who are your candidates to break out this season?

I'll throw two your way: Running back Steve Slaton of Houston and tight end Vernon Davis of San Francisco.

They are sort of homer picks, since I watched them play a decent bit in college (Slaton at W.Va. and Davis at Maryland). Both are talented, and the situations should be good for both.

Yes, Davis has a green quarterback and offensive coordinator Mike Martz, who doesn't usually feature the tight end, standing in the way of a good season, not to mention his health history. But Martz will utilize his best players, and in San Fran, that's Davis.

Slaton could very well be the starter for the Texans soon, if not immediately, and he has enough talent to compete for Rookie of the Year if he gets the touches.

Daily Think Special: Who are your candidates to have breakout NFL seasons this year?