Time warp at Connolly's Monday, the only thing that was missing was Tim Curry.

Not that kind of bar.


Time warp at Camden Yards last night, too. The Orioles won their suspended April 28 game against the White Sox after four months.

Talk about a game dragging. Pitchers Alberto Castillo (win) and Rocky Cherry (save) and Lou Montanez (game-winning RBI) weren't on the roster when the game started in April.

Anyway, we're riding that time machine thing again today.

You all wanted to talk playoffs, were talking playoffs ("Playoffs??")

Of course, against explicit instructions, some of you jumped right to the postseason in yesterday's conversation. That old city motto should be changed to: "Baltimore: The City That Skims."

Oh well, here's the drill: You can go back to any playoff game in Orioles history and experience it. Re-live it or soak it in for the first time. That way, some of our younger patrons (and Kevin OS is at the door checking IDs) can play along.

Here are five choices:

October 5, 1966. Game 1, World Series. Orioles first World Series game and it's in Los Angeles against Don Drysdale. Impossible assignment. Yet the Robinson boys homer, the Orioles get nine hits and Moe Drabowsky picks up the win in relief.

October 9, 1966. Game 4, World Series. Dave McNally outduels Drysdale, Frank homers and the Orioles win their first title in Baltimore.

October 13, 1970. Game 3, World Series. McNally wins again and hits a grand slam and Brooks Robinson makes three great plays, including the famous diving grab against Johnny Bench to give the Orioles an insurmountable 3-0 lead in the Series.

October 8, 1983. Game 4, ALCS. A 0-0, nine-inning tie before Tito Landrum homered in the top half of the 10th at Comiskey Park to basically put the Orioles in the World Series.

October 16, 1983. Game 5, World Series. Scott McGregor pitches a complete game, Eddie Murray homers twice and Cal Ripken catches the final out on the Veterans Stadium turf for the Orioles last championship.

October 5, 1997. Game 4, ALDS. Davey Johnson tinkers with his lineup against Randy Johnson and the Orioles win on homers by Jeff Reboulet and Geronimo Berroa and Mike Mussina pitches a two-hitter to put the Orioles into the ALCS.

Daily Think Special: Which old Orioles' postseason game would you like to experience?