What is the dumbest moment in Orioles history?

Well, the Orioles fell short on the field and at the turnstiles Monday night.

Both were understandable. Boston's Jon Lester, a great story last season when he beat cancer, is becoming one of the better young pitchers in baseball.


Take away Aubrey Huff, and no one hit the ball hard against the 24-year-old lefty in the seven superb innings he pitched.

The game drew 40,429, impressive for a Monday evening crowd, even if 39,000 seemingly screamed "Yuuuuk" while the remainder screamed "Luuuke."

That means the 2,861st person to enter Camden Yards today will become the 50 millionth in stadium history and will win $50,000 and a pair of season tickets for the next five seasons.

I enjoyed many of your suggestions Monday about what gift you wanted if you were the lucky winner (sorry we didn't get to the comments more quickly. We'll fix that).

And a quick note to John: The winning fan won't be a Red Sox supporter. Since people will be coming in through a bunch of gates simultaneously, the Orioles can be a little selective in their targeting.

But if a Red Sox fan were to walk away with the loot, it would have to register as the dumbest moment in Orioles history.

And that prompts this: What is currently the dumbest moment in the club's history? My guess is it probably came within the past dozen years.

Some will say it's when Peter Angelos took ownership of the team – but that is revisionist history. Angelos added financial stability and a local owner to a city and franchise that craved it at the time.


Here are three to stir the debate, in no particular order: The signing of Albert Belle, the trade for Glenn Davis and the acceptance of Davey Johnson's resignation.

Daily Think Special: What was the dumbest moment in Orioles' history?