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Subject: Around the world in a single blog post 

The Daily Telegraph (Australia): Is Michael Phelps really the greatest Olympian in history?

Notable remark: Is Phelps eight times greater because swimming decides that getting from A to B in the fastest possible way needs to be subdivided into all manner of bizarre strokes?

L’Equipe: Entre dans l’histoire ("Making history")

Notable remark: Il faudra se souvenir de ce 16 août 2008 à Pékin. Car cette matinée-là restera dans l'histoire de la natation, du sport même. ("You must remember the 16th of August, 2008 in Beijing. Because this morning will stay in the history of swimming, even of sport.")

[Blogger note: I do not speak French. This translation is my best effort. If it's rough and inaccurate, I promise to learn French before the 2012 Games. Either that or I’ll teach them English.]

Notable remark: Michael Phelps struck gold for the seventh time in controversial fashion. The US star was made to sweat when an official protest was launched against the result of the men's 100m butterfly final. …TV replays suggested that his Serbian rival had touched first.

The Globe and Mail (Canada): Seventh Heaven

Notable remark: Of all his gold medal victories here, Michael Phelps' triumph in the 100-metre butterfly — by a margin of just 1/100ths of a second — will be forever remembered and debated.

Did he actually win? Did he out-touch Serbian Milorad Cavic at the last possible second? Was there some a grand conspiracy at work, fueled by television rights holder NBC, to ensure Phelps would be successful in his drive to win eight gold medals?

Those were the questions swirling in the after-math of Saturday morning's result, which saw Phelps win gold medal No. 7 in the most competitive of his individual races.

The Age (Australia): Phelps in seventh heaven

Notable remark: Barring accidents, false starts, or major boilovers, Phelps will win number eight for Beijing and number 13 for his career.

Bonus headline: Flame burns brightly for Rice and Phelps

Notable remark: Phelps has one of those bodies that looks like it could be folded up and transported in a case, lots of loosely connected parts capable of moving with startling unity when immersed in water.

The National Post (Canada): Phelps wins seventh gold by the absolute smallest of margins

Notable remark: It didn't look like he was going to get there; frankly, it didn't look like he made it.

The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia): The Wrap

Notable super-weird remarks: Michael Phelps and Stephanie Rice to hook up and produce golden children. … If you want to swim fast, eat like a starving pig stuck inside a starving whale.

The Guardian (UK): Phelps wins seventh gold of the Beijing Games… just

Notable remark: Only the 4x100 medley relay on Sunday now stands between Michael Phelps and Olympic history after a controversial victory in the 100m butterfly which kept alive his dream of eight gold medals at a single Games.

The New Zealand Herald: Phelps wins seventh gold despite protest

Notable remark: Cavic had no words. Clearly perturbed at getting beaten by a fingertip, he stormed past reporters in the mixed zone without stopping.