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'So You Think You Can Dance': finale details

The episode begins with an introduction of of the top 20 contestants, who are on stage dancing. It ends with a freeze frame of each of the top four.

Host Cat Deeley announces that the Jonas Brothers will perform. She also shares that there are a slew of judges during the episode who will pick their favorite routines from the season. The judges include: Mia Michaels, Adam Shankman, Debbie Allen, Lil C, Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe.


During a little conversation with Cat, Adam reveals that the winner of the competition will appear in his next movie Step Up 3D, which he claims will be the first dance movie shot in 3-D.

Next is a mini-recap of highlights from the entire season -- auditions to the final four. The top 20 then do a hip-hop routine choreographed by Shane Sparks. They dance to "Boom" by Sin, featuring T-Pain. They're dressed in red and white street gear and do a great job popping and locking to the fast-paced song. The routine ends with the entire cast collapsing while doing Matrix-inspired moves. The only contestants standing are the top four. It's entertaining.


It's time for the judges to pick their favorite routine. Nigel Lythgoe picks the Bollywood routine with Katee and Joshua. They dance to "Dhoom Taana" from Om Shanti Om. The routine, choreographed by Nakul Dev Mahajan, is just as good as I remembered. The crowd screams wildly.

Mary chooses a rumba choreographed by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin, and danced by  Courtney and Gev. They dance to "Wishing on a Star" by Rose Royce. The routine is a lot sexier than I remembered.

Next are the best happy dances of the season. They're whack! Back to the real dancing.

Next is a showdown between two poppers. A voice compares the two contestants -- Robert Muraine and Phillip Chebeeb -- to Ali and Frazier, and Paris and Nicole. (Seriously?) They dance to "Stronger" by Kanye West. I feel like I'm watching Claymation robots. They do some pretty amazing things with their bodies. They have to be quadruple-jointed or something.

Mia votes for Phillip. Adam votes for Robert. Debbie votes Robert. Nigel votes for Robert. Mary votes for Robert. Lil' C votes for Robert. Obviously Robert wins the dance-off.

Adam chooses a Dave Scott routine danced by Comfort and Twitch. They dance to "Forever" by Chris Brown. They do a good job.

Lil' C picks Mark and Chelsea dancing to "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis. Surprisingly, I don't remember this routine. They do a really good job.

Next is a samba routine with Mary Murphy and Dmitry Chaplin from Season 2. They dance to "Baila, Baila" by Angela Via. It's so weird watching her on the dance floor instead of behind the judges table. She's surprisingly good. I have newfound respect for her after watching those legs move across the floor.


Mia chooses a pas de deux choreographed by Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson. Katee and Will dance to "Imagine" by David Archuleta. It's absolutely amazing. The lift at the end is so unbelievable. The crowd goes wild.

Adam choses a jazz routine choreographed by Sonya Tayeh to "The Garden" by Mirah. I love this piece. Sonya is such a great choreographer. And Mark and Courtney did such a great job.

The top four line up on stage. Cat tells Courtney that she is in fourth place. Courtney says she's not sad and upset. "I'm privileged," she says. She thanks her family and her fellow contestants. "I'm so proud pf myself," she sobs. (It's very touching.)

The top five guys dance to a Nigel Lythgoe-choreographed routine to "Five Guys Named Moe" from Five Guys Named Moe. It's good.

The cast of Cirque du Soleil/Criss Angel: Believe dance to "Homage to the Rabbits" by Eric Serra. The routine is choreographed by Wade Robson. The dancers are all dressed like rabbits and other creatures. It's a little freaky but entertaining.

Katee, Joshua, and Twitch are on the stage. Katee is in third place! (I'm completely shocked!) Katee cries while watching her highlights. She says she's grateful. "I'll never forget any of this," she says. Cat announces that Katee will receive $50,000 for being the top girl. She's overcome with emotion.


The Debbie Allen Dance Academy is next, dancing to "Boogie Wonderland" by Earth, Wind and Fire. And OMG, Nigel is out there with them. I'm half expecting Nigel to collapse of a heart attack. He does a great job. Adam says he wants to battle Nigel next year.

Mary chooses the door routine choreographed by Mia. Twitch and Katee dance to "Mercy" by Duffy. The routine is so hot. And what's up with that open-mouth kiss? The routine is just as entertaining as the first time I watched it.

Next are the Jonas Brothers with "Burnin' Up." (Vomit! Teenie bopper girls have absolutely noooo taste. These boys are soooo bad. I'm not even going to devote any more keystrokes to them.)

(Just before the commercial break, Cat announces that the finale attracted nearly 60 million votes.)

Debbie chooses the Viennese waltz choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux. Twitch and Kherington dance to "A New Day Has Come" by Celine Dion. It's kind of blah compared to the other routines of the night.

Nigel chooses a routine choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon D'Umo. Katee and Joshua dance to "No Air" by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown. It's such a wonderful routine. It's probably my favorite routine of the season.


Next, we're shown an update from past contestants. Donyelle, from Season 1, says she's engaged and choreographing for movies. Lauren, from Season 3, says she's toured with Rhianna. Sara, also from Season 3, says she's background dancing and doing some backup vocals for Avril Lavigne.

About 30 dancers from past seasons dance to  "Please Don't Stop The Music" by Rhianna. There are way too many contestants to list.

Next, we find out that the winner is Joshua. I'm sure by now you've already glanced at my post from last night. Read that for his reaction. My fingers kind of hurt. I'm done!