Hey, it's Ishita again with this week's Project Runway recap. Last week, the designers dressed drag queens, and Joe won the challenge, earning himself immunity for this week. Daniel and his "high taste level" were out.

Kenley opens the show by declaring, "Daniel was like my best friend here." I guess that was before she laughed at his taste? And Keith is shaken by his placement in the bottom two last week, and the harsh criticism he received from the judges. "I want to change the way the world dresses," he says. Apparently we'll all be wearing shapeless fringe in the future.

Since the models did not walk in last week's runway show, there are two models up for elimination, should Joe abandon his model Topacio. He doesn't, so both Kelli's and Daniel's models are out.

Heidi tells the designers to go to a midtown rooftop to receive their challenge. Blayne thinks that they're designing for some crazy superstar on a rooftop, and Korto thinks that that star is Mariah Carey (she is crazy…). The address is to a parking garage, and as the designers go up to the top level, Kenley remarks that it's like a haunted house. There's also the obligatory "the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire" comment.

Tim Gunn is waiting for the designers on the top of the roof, joined by Chris Web, the lead color designer for Saturn. Also on the roof are five Saturn Vue hybrids, which hold the raw materials with which the designers must create their outfits. This week's challenge is to create an outfit from Saturn car parts.

Tim tells everyone that this challenge is similar to the Gristedes challenge from the first episode. That challenge produced a lot of unimpressive and unimaginative tablecloth dresses, so "this is a second chance for you to wow the judges," Tim says.

The designers have only four minutes to plow through the cars for material, so everyone is running around crazily. Except Stella, who laughs at the other designers. "How embarrassing, like rushing," she says. That's just asking for trouble…

The designers are in consensus at this point: No one has a clue as to what they will create. Tim informs them that the winner of this challenge has immunity for next week, and Joe is relishing his immunity from last week. Kenley is throwing headlights on the ground to break them, and Blayne observes that everything in the design room "is very experimental right now."

Keith is still really worried about the judges. He says, "I'm going to make sure whatever I do next is more tailored and a little toned down." So no seatbelt fringe? Suede is talking about himself in third person again and updates us on the cuts and blisters he's developed while working with these tough materials. Ishita thinks that she's had it with the third person. Enough already!

Stella says she wants to step outside the box and do something pretty for a change. I'm a bit skeptical – I don't think we have similar concepts of pretty. Suede again gives a shout-out to a dead relative, this time his dad, and Keith says he is more worried about what the judges are going to think than what he is going to design. Not a good sign.

Korto is weaving seatbelts to create a coat (her sketch looks gorgeous), and Kenley is drawing a zebra print with Sharpie on air vents. Blayne has a seatbelt gown in the works, but the sewing machines aren't working on the tough fabric. Perhaps it's a sign from the fashion gods to rethink a seatbelt gown?

Stella says she's got a Planet of the Apes thing going. Sure, this has always been my idea of pretty.

The models come in for their first fitting, and Tim tells Kenley that her model, Shannon, has dropped out, so Germaine will be filling in. Cue complaining from Kenley about how "Germaine is flat and boxy where Shannon was narrow and curvy" (they all look tall and skinny to me). "It's all about me right now, so it's making me mad," she says. I officially can't stand her.

Tim checks in on the designers the next morning. He's unimpressed by Blayne's weird fringe seatbelt creation (apparently fringe MUST be featured in each episode this season), but he likes the futuristic look on Jerell's top and the '60s mod look on Korto's weaved jacket. Tim doesn't think Stella is being innovative enough. But she says she's got a longer skirt! Hopefully it's longer than this offering from Episode 2. Leanne elicits a "wow" from Tim – but to me the silhouette on her cocktail dress is a little strange.

There's drama after Tim leaves when Terri relates Korto's design to the Scarecrow and "Jeepers Creepers." Jerell says that Terri has "two faces and four patterns." LOVE it. Keith flips out about the sewing machines and worries about his confidence. All the attention on Keith makes it seem like he's going home.

Back at home, Stella says that she's been in a relationship for three years with William, a.k.a. Ratbones. Oh-kay. The next morning Korto declares "It's on" (like Donkey Kong). Tim advises the designers, "Work like there's no tomorrow, because for one of you, there won't be." The competition is heating up!

The models come in for last minute fittings. Keith repeatedly warns his model to not sit down while wearing his skirt, but of course, she comes back from hair/makeup with a rip. He's obviously upset, and before she leaves for the runway he tells her, "watch your breathing and don't sit down."  It's a good thing they're not selling these designs on Bluefly – could you imagine the disclaimer on that item?

There are a few new judges today: Season 3 finalist Laura Bennett is filling in for Nina Garcia, and the guest judge is Rachel Zoe, the stylist to the stars who was responsible for Nicole Richie's dramatic transformation.

I'm only going to comment on the top and bottom three, but you can see all of the designs here. Terri, Suede, Joe and Kenley were safe, and Korto, Leanne, Blayne, Keith, Stella, and Jerell were in the top three and bottom three.
Rachel Zoe loves the tailoring on Jerell's top ("I can't believe how intricate it is," she says) and Heidi Klum thinks that it's "exciting and interesting to look at." The fit on the top of Blayne's gown is distracting to Laura Bennett. I think she's being kind – the top is a weird blob that makes Blayne's model look very uneven. I do like the broken glass decorations, though Heidi reminds Blayne that there's "seven years no sex if you break the mirror."

Korto's woven seatbelt coat is a huge hit with the designers. Rachel Zoe says, "I would walk out the door with that." I agree completely. Michael Kors loves Leanne's cocktail dress. "The shape is fabulous," he gushes. I think the model's hips bulge out awkwardly, like tennis players with tennis balls under their skirts.

The judges don't think Stella's seatbelt skirt and racing-style vest go together and are confused by the back of Keith's outfit. There's some odd netting back there, supposedly to cover up the rip in the skirt, as Keith explains (I thought the rip was in the front of the skirt?). Laura Bennett doesn't like that there's no concept to the outfit, and Keith gets a little feisty on stage. He brings up Michael's "dowdy chicken" comment about this outfit from last week. Michael shuts him down though, and it's pretty much official – Keith's going home.

The designers leave the runway so the judges can deliberate. Everyone is impressed by this challenge – the designers took Tim's advice to heart. Michael likes that Jerell's "whole thing was a very cohesive thought," and Rachel Zoe wants to wear Korto's coat. Heidi appreciates that Leanne "took a risk, and it paid off."

In the bottom three, the judges didn't like the combination of Stella's vest and skirt, and the poor construction of Blayne's gown. Rachel Zoe says that Keith's outfit was not "flattering from the front, the back, or the side." Ouch! He's gone.

The designers are called back out on the runway, and Jerell and Korto are safe. Leanne wins the challenge (apparently bulging hips are stylish). Blayne and Stella are also safe, and as expected, Keith is out. He cries, Tim's sad – we all knew it was coming.

Next week: Famed designer Diane von Furstenburg is on the show, and the designers are freaking out.