Hey Dave, draft two of three took place for me. 12-team league, two

keepers, PPR, and return yd/TD points for individuals. QB, 2 RB, 3 WR


format. Had 6th pick, here is my draft. Please provide comments. If need

be, can list some other players still on board at time of my picks. The one


pick I regret is my second-to-last round where I selected backup QB Matt

Ryan over WR DeSean Jackson (who has since been claimed as FA pickup).

1 - Brady

2 - MJD

3 - Darren McFadden

4 - Anquan Boldin

5 - Roddy White

6 - Tony Gonzalez

7 - MINN Def

8 - Javon Walker

9 - Matt Forte

10 - Jerry Porter

11 - Devin Hester

12 - Ben Watson

13 - Matt Ryan

14 - Jason Hanson

Thanks for feedback.


I'll keep it simple:

1 - Tom Brady - Not a big fan this year (see: Peyton Manning in 2006, the year after he threw 49 TDs). Good QB but won't be head and shoulders above everyone else like he was last year.

2 - Maurice Jones-Drew - Good pick in point-per-reception league. The Jags are still a rushing team and Fred Taylor should start to fade out of the picture and make way for more MJD.

3 - Darren McFadden - Curious to know who else was on the board -- this could be a hype pick. Justin Fargas is also there and we haven't seen this kid play too much yet. I'm not worried about yards, just the goal-line carries.

4 - Anquan Boldin - He should have a monster year - after all, he's playing for money. Kurt Warner starting helps him a lot, too.

5 - Roddy White - Hard to knock this guy, really. Played well with awful quarterbacks last season and they won't be as bad this year. He should keep getting better.

6 - Tony Gonzalez - Solid pick - you know what you are getting here.

7 - MINN Def - Never a big fan of drafting any defense. Just think about it - was the Vikings' defense drafted at all last year? Solid pick if you had to take a defense but on the whole, I'd rather wait and find a sleeper.

8 - Javon Walker - Scaring proposition here. I'm just not sure where his mind is at right now and the coaching staff feels the same way. Maybe a couple of wins will reignite his fire, which means you got a steal here. Otherwise, this could be a big bust.

9 - Matt Forte - Not sure what to expect from him -- the Bears' offensive line is terrible but the fact that Kyle Orton is starting should actually help him. Orton has a very strong arm so defenses should be able to crowd the line.

10 - Jerry Porter - I personally don't want anything to do with him. Hamstring injuries and wide receivers don't mix too well and he's not close to returning yet. Missing training camp in a new offense is a no-no.

11 - Devin Hester - Not a fan at all really. I think he's a gimmick and I'm not sure how he will contribute to your fantasy team.

12 - Ben Watson - I like this pick - I think he's inconsistent but often overlooked in this offense. He has the talent to be one of the best tight ends in the league.

13 - Matt Ryan - Hopefully with Brady around, he won't see the field much.

14 - Jason Hanson - Solid kicker - the guy I've been targeting is Kris Brown. You know what you are getting with Hanson.

As for DeSean Jackson, I wouldn't expect a whole lot from him. The Eagles are stocked at wide receiver with Reggie Brown, Kevin Curtis (when healthy), Jason Avant, Greg Lewis, Hank Baskett. I know Jackson probably has more talent than these guys but he's a rookie and the Eagles don't seem to care about talent at wide receiver -- if you look at their track record.

- Dave