I apologize for not recapping last week's show. However, I finally got a DVR, so recording will (hopefully) go a bit smoother!

As fans know, Korto won the last challenge. That means she can either keep her model or switch things up. She keeps Katarina. Alex is out and wishes the designers luck. Host Heidi Klum then tells them that their challenge will be to design for a high-powered and glamorous professional woman.


Blayne doesn't want her to be Hillary Clinton; he says he'd never win with a neon pants suit. Hillary? High-powered? Yes. Glamorous? Not so much.

Before Tim Gunn introduces her, the designers throw out some ideas in the work room: Heidi Klum (good guess!), Nancy Grace (please, God, no), Joan Rivers (ditto). Naturally, Stella wants it to be Sharon Osbourne. Nope! It's Brooke Shields! I'm pretty sure I had her Barbie-like doll when I was 3. The designers need to create an outfit for Brooke's character, Wendy, on

(which I honestly thought had been canceled). The look needs to carry her from day to night. I'm sure Blayne interprets this as Day-Glo to Night.

All will sketch, then Brooke will pick six designs (meaning the designers must work in pairs). I enjoy when Stella pitches a corset. Brooke says, "She's still gotta go to work in this!" Ultimately, she chooses the sketches by Keith, Korto, Jerell, Kelli, Terri (the only one who pitched pants) and Blayne. She wants something different, but not too shocking. Let's hope there's a little less shock in this challenge than in challenges past.

It's time to pair up. Blayne picks Leanne. Then it goes: Keith/Kenley, Terri/Suede, Korto/Joe, Kelli/Daniel, Jerell/Stella (in that order). There will actually be leather on Jerell's outfit. So all hope is not lost for that last pairing. Next, a trip to Mood to shop for fabrics. At the store, Kenley makes her opinions known (loudly).

Ready, set, sew! Tim announces there will be no immunity for this challenge (this seems to be happening more than usual this season). Instead, the winning design will actually be worn by Brooke on the show, unlike last week's outfits for the Olympics Opening Ceremonies. If Korto's outfit had been worn, the Americans, in my opinion, would have looked dreadfully out of place last Friday.

In the sewing room, Kenley whines some more about Keith's ideas. Kelli whines that she likes working alone. Whine whine whine. Suede and Terri are running into big problems with amount of fabric and communication. "Please, man up!" she whines to the camera about Suede.

Korto and Dan are doing something orange. Kenley tells Keith to redo his top. Both outfits seem atrocious. Jerell and Stella's, however, looks nice so far. I'm pleasantly surprised by their progress. Time passes, then Tim comes in and says he's sending in the models for an early fitting. Meanwhile, Daniel and Kelli's skirt looks "horrid" (Kelli's words). It needs to be remade. Terri is still not happy about the garment Suede is making. "It's jacked up," she says. Theme of this episode so far? Everything you can do I can do better. More whining.

It's only been about five TV minutes since Tim departed, but another dose of his criticism is much needed. He thinks Blayne's Bermuda shorts look "sporty." Jerell and Stella have a lot done. He likes the whole palate and likes that it looks like a "true collaboration." (I agree!) Kelli and Daniel: Tim's dubious. The nighttime look looks a bit like (trashy) lingerie. Tim thinks Terri and Suede's outfit works. He says the neckline is gorgeous. (I agree! Tim and I agree a lot.) It didn't look like this before the commercial break. Keith and Kenley have a pretty print, but the dress isn't quite there yet. Korto and Joe show off the ugly orange jacket, which Tim calls a "big sweet potato." Korto reminds Joe that she has immunity, and that Joe needs to speak up if he doesn't like what's happening. They go off to discuss the issue in the lounge.

The next morning, Daniel still needs to remake his skirt. Terri's running around wearing her very-Terri outfit, calling it "hot." Korto and Joe, says Leanne, "are still having issues." Tim comes in and tells the designers that they have an hour to send their models to the hair and makeup room. Hairdryers, flat irons and spray makeup (awesome) get to work. After some final fittings, it's time for the runway!

Brooke, naturally, is the guest judge. They call her a style "icon." Perhaps she was in the '80s, but not so much now. Now I'll run through the highest- and lowest-rated outfits and what the judges said. See all the garments here. (Note: ugly orange jacket-makers Korto and Joe are safe.)

Jerell and Stella show their pretty pattern-y dress with belt. I love it. Heidi loves it. Judge Michael Kors loves it. Brooke is a bit concerned about belt, but otherwise loves it.

Kelli and Daniel are next with their leopard-print thing. Brooke says "the shape of it is the truly unfortunate part." Kelli should have edited more, and Daniel should have spoke up, the judges say. Kenley starts laughing ridiculously loudly when Daniel says he has "high-end" taste. The laugh is so loud that it's clearly being forced. I really wanted to like Kenley, but she is just so, so, so annoying. When asked who should go, Kelli names Daniel and Daniel names Kelli.

Keith and annoying Kenley: The dress is pretty. Michael says it's a cross between Kenley's button-up aesthetic and Keith's quirks, and that something great happened.


Blayne and Leanne: The look is a bit too causal for Wendy. Judge Nina Garcia says she's surprised (maybe because it's not flourescent?). Heidi adds that "she looks like a woman that didn't have a mirror." When asked who should go on their team, Blayne says he would, because he was the leader. Leanne agrees because it was Blayne's design.

After the designers leave, the judges rave about Jerell and Stella's outfit. They add that Keith and Kenley thought about the challenge and made something appropriate for the character. Michael says Kelli just showed what Kelli likes (leopard?). Heidi notes Daniel hasn't brought anything to the table in this challenge or others. (Agreed! I haven't like anything he's made, including that black cocktail dress.) It doesn't seem like Blayne and Leanne will go home. Sure, as the judges note, it's the Blayne Show, but at least you could walk down the street in their outfit and not get cat calls.

Keith wins, redeeming himself from past blunders. Kelli is out!

Kelli makes some comments about winning a jackpot and having the funds to make "classy" clothes. Right.

Next week: Season 4 finalist Chris "I made clothes with human hair" March is back, and the designers create outfits for drag queens.