NBC has announced its announcing and reporting teams for the Beijing Olympics on the network and other outlets, such as USA Network, CNBC and MSNBC. Here, mostly copy and pasted to avoid any twinges of carpal tunnel syndrome, is the list:

HOSTS: Bob Costas, Jim Lampley, Mary Carillo, Alex Flanagan, Matt Vagersian, Melissa Stark, Bill Patrick, Fred Roggin, Lindsay Czarniak.


CORRESPONDENTS: Cris Collinsworth, Mary Carillo, Jimmy Roberts.

GYMNASTICS: Al Trautwig, play-by-play; Elfi Schlegel, analyst; Tim Daggett, analyst; Andrea Joyce, reporter.


TRAMPOLINE GYMNASTICS: Al Trautwig, play-by-play; Elfi Schlegel, analyst; Tim Daggett, analyst.

RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS: Andrea Joyce, play-by-play; Elfi Schlegel, analyst.

TRACK AND FIELD: Tom Hammond, play-by-play; Lewis Johnson , analyst; Carol Lewis, analyst; Dwight Stones, analyst; Ato Boldin, analyst; Craig Masback, analyst; Ed Eyestone, analyst; Bob Neumeier, reporter.

RACE WALKING: Ron Vaccaro, play-by-play; Ed Eyestone, analyst; Carol Lewis, analyst.

SWIMMING: Dan Hicks, play-by-play; Rowdy Gaines, analyst; Andera Kremer, reporter.

OPEN WATER SWIMMING: Craig Hummer, play-by-play; Rowdy Gaines, analyst.

DIVING: Ted Robinson, play-by-play; Cynthia Potter, analyst; Bob Neumeier, reporter. Andrea Kremer, reporter.

BEACH VOLLEYBALL: Chris Marlowe, play-by-play; Karch Kiraly, analyst; Heather Cox, reporter.

INDOOR VOLLEYBALL: Paul Sunderland, play-by-play; Kevin Barnett, analyst.

CYCLING (Road/BMX/Mountain Bike): Pat Parnell, play-by-play; Craig Hummer, play-by-play; Kenan Harkin, analyst; Paul Sherwin, analyst; Marty Snider, reporter.

TRIATHLON: Craig Hummer, play-by-play; Siri Lindley, analyst; Marty Snider, reporter.

BASKETBALL: Mike Breen, play-by-play; Chris Carrino, play-by-play; Mike Crispino, play-by-play; Pete Pranica, play-by-play; Eric Collins, play-by-play; Teresa Edwards, analyst; Doug Collins, analyst; Ann Meyers, analyst; Bob Salmi, analyst; Craig Sager, reporter.

ROWING: Tim Ryan, play-by-play; Yaz Farooq, analyst.

CANOEING (Flat Water): Tim Ryan, play-by-play; Joe Jacobi, analyst.

CANOEING (White Water): Craig Hummer, play-by-play; Pat Parnell, play-by-play; Joe Jacobi, analyst.

SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING: Craig Hummer, play-by-play; Heather Olson, analyst.

WRESTLING: Matt Devlin, play-by-play; Rulon Gardner, analyst.

WATER POLO: Bob Fitzgerald, play-by-play; Wolf Wigo, analyst.

BOXING: Bob Papa, play-by-play; Teddy Atlas, analyst; Jim Gray, reporter.

MODERN PENTATHLON: Ron Vaccaro, play-by-play; Rob Stull, analyst.

WEIGHTLIFTING: Pete Pranica, play-by-play; Shane Hamman, analyst.

EQUESTRIAN: Kenny Rice, play-by-play; Melanie Smith-Taylor, analyst.

SOFTBALL: Joe Castellano, play-by-play; Michele Smith, analyst.

SOCCER: JP Dellacamera, play-by-play; Glenn Davis, play-by-play; Adrian Healey, play-by-play; Steve Cangialosi, play-by-play; Marcelo Balboa, analyst; Brandi Chastain, analyst; Shep Messing, analyst; Lori Walker, analyst.

TENNIS: Barry MacKay, play-by-play; Jimmy Arias, analyst.

BASEBALL: Eric Collins, play-by-play; Joe Magrane, analyst.

HANDBALL: Andrew Catalon, play-by-play; Dawn Lewis, analyst.

TABLE TENNIS: Bill Clement, play-by-play; Sean O'Neill, analyst.

BADMINTON: Jim Kozimor, play-by-play; Steve Kearney, analyst; Bill Clement, analyst.

FENCING: Joe Castellano, play-by-play; Pete Pranica, play-by-play; Andrew Catalon, play-by-play; Mika'il Sankofa, analyst.

ARCHERY: Joe Castellano, play-by-play; Denise Parker, analyst.

SHOOTING: Bill Clement, play-by-play; Shari LeGate, analyst.

FIELD HOCKEY: Mike Corey, play-by-play; Nick Conway, analyst.

SPORTSDESK REPORTERS: Lester Holt, Peter Alexander, Eyee Hsu, Julie Foudy, Lindsay Czarniak, Alan Abrahamson, Lindsay Soto, Nancy Snyderman.