Back at Camden Yards Thursday. And it wasn't pretty.

At least not on the basepaths. These guys shouldn't be making so many baserunning mistakes in July. Maybe in April, but not in July.


Orioles manager Dave Trembley correctly referred to them as errors caused by hesitation. Yesterday, Nick Markakis and Melvin Mora started, hesitated and then got in trouble. We're talking about baseball instincts people, not something that can be fixed with videotape and practice.

That's not a good thing.

Anyway, come and hesitate in the bar. I hear MarnieD, my sister, is buying. And she should after that moon story in yesterday's discussion.

Part of my Sunday column this week is on first-half awards. There really are no easy ones, so I am curious to read whom some of you think should be the AL and NL MVPs and Cy Youngs of the first half.

But that might be a little too much baseball analysis for some – we are an equal opportunity bar here. We don't want to get too complicated. So I'll ask it this way: What has been the best or most interesting story in baseball so far this year?

Has it been the emergence of the Tampa Bay Rays? Or the inspiring rise of Josh Hamilton? How about the woes of the New York teams (early on, anyway)?

Locally, has it been Trembley? George Sherrill? The team's energy? Aubrey Huff's road from hated to beloved? Kevin Millar's hair? The Orioles Magic video?

Daily Think Special: What's the best baseball story of the first half, nationally and locally?