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What is your favorite sports superstition?

Hey all.

I am still recovering from that All-Star experience. It was one of those games that, as a journalist, you hate as it is going on. Re-writes after re-writes with none of them ever seeing the light of day.


In fact, the game ended so late -- 1:37 a.m. -- that my story didn't make any newspapers at all. Thank goodness for the Internet.

But it was also one of those games that, after it is over and I've had a chance to reflect on it, I'm psyched I was there to witness it. It will go down as one of the all-time classics -- though I assume very few people on the East Coast stayed up to watch all of it.


It had all the elements and it was just fun to watch. And, ultimately, it was really cool to take it all in first hand.

Now, I'm throwing my job back to you guys. I am tapping into another reader-generated topic. If you have one, let us know.

This one comes from Mike (free drinks, Mike). Just Mike, by the way. Not Mike from Jupiter or from any other planet. Need to get that straight, because we don't have the financial resources to offer free alcohol to everyone named Mike.

Anyway, Mike, just Mike, wants to know what is your favorite superstition to stop a losing streak? I am sure there are people out there who do some nutty things in honor of their team.

I had a college housemate who once was watching a Phillies game in his bedroom when the Phillies rallied to win. He happened to be in his underwear with the windows wide open when it happened -- it was late August.

Well, the next time the Phils were losing, he went into his room, opened the windows, stripped to his skivvies and, coincidentally, the Phillies won again.

For the next month, he watched all Phillies games in that manner -- even when we had company of the female persuasion in our house and even when it was September and the nights were dipping into the 40s.

I'm sure some of you have similar stories. If you don't, what is your favorite story about a college or professional athlete and his or her superstition? Note to customers: Jason Giambi's gold thong shouldn't qualify as anyone's favorite.


Daily Think Special: What's your favorite sports superstition?