Here's a look at the 1976 BMW 2002 mentioned in today's column, restored by Carroll Kohler and the subject of an upcoming raffle. For more photos, click here. If all tickets for the raffle are sold, it could potentially raise $60,060 for an African charity. Kohler says he's had one offer for the car -- guy from New Jersey suggested $22,500. If you read the entire record (below) of Kohler's work on the car, it's clear he put several thousand into it. The record is impressive.



I. Engine -  stage II re-manufactured
A. Head  74-E12, 46 mm intake, 38 mm exhaust – ported/polished. head
milled .010.
 1. Shrick 292 cam, double springs BMW series 5, Teflon seals,
  valve guides – new, titanium valve keys, blue printed rockers,
 rocker shafts, head bolts, high compression head gasket, distributor
 Tii mechanical advanced:  all new
2. Intake – cannon manifolds polished/ported, 2-40 DCOE webers
 rebuilt and jetted to match cam/pistons, detailed.
3. Exhaust – Bavarian Motors header, reinforced ring welds, ported,
 coated and polished.

B.     Block 74-2002 decked and detailed.
 1. New – water pump, oil pump valve, pistons Euro tii 9:5-1,
  Bearings, rods and mains (oversized), timing chain, tensioner,
  guide rail, gear sprocket on crank and cam, total sea gapless rings,
  rod bushings, seals and gaskets.  Bored ½ mm over.  crank turned
  and polished.  crank, pistons, rods – balanced.

II. Drive train -  new clutch, pressure plate, bearing, flywheel faced/balanced to
 engine with clutch assembly attached.
 A. Transmission – rebuilt by Carroll Kohler
  1. All bearings, thrust washers, synchros (Borg-Warner) 1st/2nd gear
   shift hub, lay shaft gear train – re-aligned to output shaft gear
   train.  shift springs, speedo gear, seals and gaskets, tolerance blue
   printed to .0001, painted case.  mounting and shift bracket
   hardware restored.

B. Drive shaft -  replaced new with guibos

C. Rear 390 stock – ok

D. Half shafts – original ok, back up set included

III. Brake system -  stock except Tii Booster added (rebuilt) to accommodate webers.
 A. Master cylinder – new 2002

B. Front calipers rebuilt – detailed

C. Rotors and drums turned, pads and shoes replaced

D. New wheel cylinders

 E. New lines from master cylinder to front wheels

F. Front stainless steel brake lines installed

G. Parking brake adjusted – ok cables previously replaced.

IV. Clutch Pedal Box – completely restored with new bushings, shims, hardware, and rubber, inside and out.


V. Front End Suspension (Cradle) stock
 A. Removed and disassembled, detailed
 B. New ball joints, link arms, center link.  bushings – ok
 C. Adjusted/detailed steering box
 D. New Boge shocks
 E. Aligned
 F. Stabilizer bar hardware replaced new.  brackets, rubber and mounts

VI. Rear Suspension – stock 390 rear original
I. Body and Trim parts

 A. New Parts
  1. Entire upper chrome trim package with hardware
  2. Gaskets – doors, windows, trunk, sunroof, tail lenses,
   handles, and mirrors
  3. All lenses, headlights, license plate lights – including fixtures
  4. Lower trim package and rocker trim including hardware
  5. Mirror, door handles, emblems, locks, model numbers and decals
  6. Bumpers – polished and restored
  7. Sun roof – completely restored, polished and cables
  8. Glass – front windshield and both rear wings
  9. Door thresholds with gaskets
10. Latch and strike assembly on doors, trunk, and engine hood restored
11. Wheels – 1976 Italian BWA's powder coated
12. Back up set of wheels – BMW 320 powder coated
13. Spare tire and wheel original equipment replaced

B. Sheet metal
  1. Completely disassembled stripped to metal, doors inside and out,
   deck lid under and over, engine hood under and over, engine
   compartment trunk, under the trunk, all four (4) wheel wells
   trans tunnel and gas tank.  Front and rear floor pans original
  2. Shock towers replaced
  3. Rockers original
  4. All seems coated with industrial two (2) part epoxy (flex) and
   water proof with epoxy primers e.g. – trunk, wells, engine
   compartment, shock towers, and rockers
  5. Body parts replaced – driver's wheel arch cut and welded
  6. Body work applied over wheel arch, shock towers, corners of
   rockers, driver's door, top left side of engine hood and headlight
   well.  All other metal is original without filters.
  7. Only collision evidence appeared at the left front fender side by
   hood and fender well; based on previous body filler discovered
   when stripping the metal, all other areas Certified by Master ASE
   Body and Fender Technician as original and accident free
  8. Gravel guard/shutz applied to all areas where original factory
   coatings were.

C. Paint – by PPG; primer surfacer, epoxy primer/sealer and finish coat acrylic lacquer.  NO CLEAR COAT APPLIED.
 1. Primer surfacer and putty kote was used in the blocking process
  wet sanded to 600 grit prior to sealing
 2. Metal was treated with chemical etching, prior to primer coat
 3. All finished primer and paint prep done by hand
 4. Prior to painting,  primer was cured for two weeks in a controlled   
  5. A final 600 grit wet sand followed by a epoxy sealer was applied
  6. 1 dry/tack coat of lacquer was applied and scuffed
  7. 2 coats full wet applied, flash dry, and scuffed
  8. Same as step number 7
  9. Same as step number 7
  10. 1 wet thin coat applied
  11. 1 wet retarder coat, misted twice to allow flow
  12. Paint cured for one year and paint process was duplicated on entire
   bottom part of car, everything except roof and side pillars
  13. Pain cured for two months prior to polishing

D. Paint polish and care
  1. Final finish was obtained by wet sand 600, 1000, 1500, 2000, extra
   fine compound, polish, then zymol wax applied

I. Upholstery
 A. Headliner – patterned after original liner installed cloth
 B. Seats – recovered in tweed / vinyl, new horsehair
 C. Visors – new leather
 D. Carpet – new, piece set
 E. Panels – restored rear, restored front (European)
 F. Dashboard – original 
 G. Seat Belts – original
 H. Wood Trim – custom mahogany (including shift knob)
 I. Steering Wheel – Nardi Mahogany
 J. Stereo – CD by Sony ™, powered by Audio Art ™, and JL Audio ™
  speakers; combined power 500 watts, 50 amps
 K. Gauge Pot – after market custom, VDO gauges
 L. Kick Panels – custom made
 M. Heater Box – completely restored, new heater core
 N. Air Condition – all new except condenser and evaporator
 O. Floor – stripped to the pans, painted, coated with liquid rubber, then ¼  in.
  self adhesive roofing material, sound deadening jute applied behind rear
  panels and rockers, upper and lower back seat, and on the floor

* Last year 2002 was made, factory black
* Stored with extreme care
* Operated on "The Ten Best Days of the Year" philosophy
* Restoration completed September 1999;
a brand "new" – "old" ultimate driving machine
* Stage II : Remanufactured engine
* Custom Paint
* Custom Stereo
* Custom woodwork with European panels
* Custom Nardi steering wheel
* Custom upholstery and headliner
* Added gauges – clock, amp. meter, oil pressure
* Detailed engine, trunk, front end
* Custom bumpers
* Italian BWA wheels, Spare set 320 wheels
* Added sound proofing
* Added water proofing
* Factory Air – new hoses, compressor, receiver / dryer, pressure valve, writing and relays (R-12)
* Factory Sunroof detailed