My fantasy lineup -- this week's transactions

I'm currently participating in a 12-team mixed league with 11 members of Hardcore Country.

The scoring system is 5x5 roto with one disabled list spot. Each week I'll list my rosters, the moves I made and a brief update on what I'm thinking with some of the players.


Currently, I'm in third place.

1. Added: Jonathan Broxton, RP (CLE)


Jonathan Broxton has been groomed to be the Los Angeles Dodgers closer for a while now and he'll finally get his chance. Takashi Saito is out for six weeks and the 38-year-old might not reclaim his job for the rest of the season. Broxton is a no-brainer and a must-add in almost all leagues. He should have some good save value the rest of the way.

1. Dropped: Masa Kobayashi, RP (CLE)

Like Peyton Manning in that Mastercard commercial, I'm cutting that meat. It's simple: Broxton has more talent and will have more save opportunities. You do the math.

Maximum Games:

I can't emphasize enough how important it is to use up your maximum games in roto leagues. Between injuries to Jorge Posada and Rafael Furcal, right now I'm on pace to finish 68 games under the maximum allowed starts. That is a waste and it is production that I am losing. It's always tricky to use up all your games available, but 68 is too many to let lay by the way side.

On the flipside, I've used up all of my pitching innings to the max. Actually, at this rate, I'm going to max out too soon. I'm at +95.1 innings pitched right now, which figures to be a problem later in the season. But like Lil Wayne and Sizzurp, I'm not going to stop now. I'll keep pitching my starters while they are hot and maybe when we get closer to the end of the season I'll pick my spots (maybe home/away) to shave some innings.

Current Lineup:

C - Jorge Posada (NYY)

1B - Albert Pujols (STL)

2B - Dustin Pedroia (BOS)

3B - Mike Lowell (BOS)

SS - J.J. Hardy (MIL) -- 0-12 in last three games, thanks man

OF - Curtis Granderson (DET)

OF - Carl Crawford (TB)

OF - Milton Bradley (TEX) -- trade rumors concern me; I want him to stay in Texas

UTIL - David DeJesus (KC)

BN - Alex Gordon (KC) -- .214 in June, .208 in July, should I drop him?

BN - Brad Hawpe (COL) -- Tough guy to figure out but I believe he'll have a big second half

DL - Rafael Furcal (LAD)

SP - Erik Bedard (SEA) -- trade rumors concern me, in a good way; he needs a fresh start elsewhere

SP - Jonathan Sanchez (SF)

RP - Francisco Cordero (CIN)

P - Jose Valverde (HOU)

P - Dan Haren (ARZ)

P - Ervin Santana (LAA)

BN - Scott Baker (MIN)

BN - Jonathan Broxton (LAD)

BN - Matt Cain (SF)

BN - Justin Duchscherer (OAK)

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