More on the John Mayer show

For me, John Mayer's show was worth the long, wet slog from the parking lot to the will call line and (finally) into the pavilion.

For the kids on the lawn, I'm not so sure. It was raining something fierce for quite some time. But if you were under the canopy, you were golden.


Mayer tore through an hour and 15 minute set of his own hits and all kinds of covers like "Panama" by Van Halen and "Free Falling" by Tom Petty.

Mayer's a really accomplished blues guitarist for his age. Last night, he turned loose some fiery solos on songs like "Gravity." Here's my official review.

But Mayer's got a pretty twisted sense of humor, too ...

At one point, he saw a girl with a sign that read "I'll be legal in two years" and read it to the crowd. Then he said, "Well, I'm a pervert now!"

I'm cringing just typing that one out. Hee hee. I wonder if he's ever told Jennifer Aniston his horrible Angelina Jolie joke (careful, it's PG-13).

"This is how I bring you back from that disgusting joke -- with this piece of stagecraft," he said, and started playing "No Such Thing." It was like you'd flipped a switch, and all the tweens and parents went from horrified to infatuated. Bam!

Mayer was wearing this white sleeveless T-shirt, so you could see his many tattoos and handsomely toned biceps. Then, during the encore, he ripped the shirt off and launched into "Panama."

I don't think all the kids there recognized the song, but as soon as they saw the shirtless Mayer, they shrieked like only kids can. My eardrums almost bled.

Good show, all in all. Wait, scratch that. Great show. Mayer really did put on a great show.

(AP file photo)