iPhone 3G drama

There's trouble afoot in the wonderful land of Apple, dear readers.

In a chat I had with PC Magazine Editor in Chief Lance Ulanoff, he said that they've heard word on the street that activations for the iPhone are slow, taking 45 minutes in some cases.


Could that be due to the long lines of people looking to buy one or could it be some technical glitches?

Fellow blogger and Fabu Guru of Dating Maryann , confirmed that there are some problems for activation, and shared her own experience today with upgrading her iPhone:


All this makes me think we should be taking PC Mag's advice not to run out and buy one, unless you're an early adopter of all tech gadgets, you can't live without it or you worship at the altar of Apple.

Ulanoff says "there is no compelling reason to run out and buy one. Our suggestions is, don't."

There are many new killer features, but the cost alone (especially when you sign up for a 2 year service plan) isn't worth it. That $199 price is not what you'll end up paying in the end, once you sign up for the service plan.

Ulanoff says the other negatives are that the camera is still 2 megapixels, there's no flash, you still can't do video, and no cut and paste for text. "That's what kills me," Ulanoff says. "Most of the phones, the really good ones, you can add memory. The iPhone 3G has 16 gigabytes. That's a lot but not unlimited."

Ulanoff isn't totally bagging on the iPhone 3G. He says, it's a cool phone and the applications take it to a different level, but...."The new design... I held one last night. It's not an aluminum back. It's a plastic back, which helps with call quality. The metal was hurting call quality. So the plastic makes the phone look a little fatter and the plastic isn't quite as sexy as the metal."

Anyone else have iPhone 3G stories? Thoughts? Problems? Comments? Applause?