Draft two major leaguers to put on the Orioles right now

Not exactly a great 11 days at the Yards. But at least we can stop playing U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday," over and over again on the jukebox.

Up until Garrett Olson's showing Sunday, the starting pitching has been abysmal this month, and it is taxing the bullpen to the point it is not as consistent as it has been. I didn't think that Radhames Liz should have been in the majors in June because I didn't feel he had done enough in Triple-A to warrant the call-up. He should have been left down there until he was dominant. Instead, he's headed back down again.


At least life gets easier as the Orioles spend 16 of the next 19 games on the road – and when they finally come back off that stretch, they get Boston, New York and the Chicago White Sox in a row at home.


This is trade week in Major League Baseball and at the bar. We'll get to some real trade scenarios tomorrow, but let's get the fantasy checkbook out today. Here's the challenge: You get to add two players to the Orioles' current roster for 2009 and beyond. They can come from any team in the majors, but they must play their normal positions. You get them for free – call it Connolly Expansion.

Fit this specifically to the Orioles. For instance, Chase Utley is an awesome second baseman, but the Orioles already have Brian Roberts – theoretically anyway – for 2009, and they have much bigger holes elsewhere.

For me, I go with Florida Marlins shortstop Hanley Ramirez and San Francisco starter Tim Lincecum. I know for some of you Lincecum might need to do it a little more to be the pick here. But I believe in "The Freak." If I don't take a pitcher – and I think the Orioles desperately need an ace for the future – then I go with old standby Albert Pujols, injuries be (darned).

But, for the record, my two never-gonna-happen picks for this team would be Ramirez and Lincecum. How about yours?

Daily Think Special: If you could select any two major leaguers to place on the Orioles right now and for the future, who would they be?