Daniel Cabrera initially was charged with an earned run in the first inning, but we've had a scoring change. The run is now unearned.

Dustin Pedroia was credited with an infield hit and took second on shortstop Freddie Bynum's throwing error. He scored on J.D. Drew's double. Manny Ramirez walked, and Mike Lowell lined out to center, with Drew being doubled off second base.


The Orioles had a single and walk in the first inning. They had a walk and stolen base in the second. They had two singles and a walk in the third. And they're still losing, 1-0.

I noted in an earlier entry today that Radhames Liz spent about 10 minutes in manager Dave Trembley's office, with pitching coach Rick Kranitz also in attendance. They wanted to check his confidence level, which seems to be fine.

"This was maybe the worst game I ever had, even in the minor leagues," he said. "I think last night I really came with good stuff. My slider and my changeup were good, but I think in the third inning I may have tried to do too much. I got out of my mind when I got men on base. But everything was great and I felt good with my fastball, my slider and my changeup. When I gave up a base hit with my slider, I started trying to do the pitch too perfect and trying to hit the corners. I think I should've stayed with what I was doing, but everything in the game made me go that way.

"I didn't use my mind. I tried to be too perfect. Every time you go out there and you do something, you learn from it. Sometimes you don't do it right away, but next time you go out there, you say, 'I'm not going to do that anymore.' I know what I was doing bad. They know.
"With men on base, when I was going toward home plate, it wasn't the same mechanics. My arm didn't feel the same. I could feel when I was falling off towards first base. It's not like it's a big difference. It's not like it's so different to change, but sometimes it's tough with all the things that are going on in the game. When that kind of thing happens, sometimes I don't use my mind and I try to use my body. I've got the stuff. I think it's good enough to get hitters out. I know I've got the stuff. I know I've got a great curveball. I know I've got a great changeup. People talk about my fastball because I've got a good fastball. I know I can throw strikes because I've done it before. It's just that sometimes, I've got to be more smart and use my mind instead of my body."

Trembley also spoke to Liz about leaving the clubhouse without talking to reporters. It's not a huge deal, especially because this was the first time that Liz ducked out and he's a rookie who had just gotten crushed, but Trembley believes that it reflects poorly on the team.

Trembley has certain rules. Liz violated one of them. It's that simple.

"I never thought one of my job titles would be 'media relations' and have to teach people how to deal with the media. But I'm not opposed to doing that. I just want things done right around here," Trembley said.

"I may not like having to come out here all the time and talk every day, but it's an obligation, a responsibility that you have, and you have to take the bitter with the sweet. You've got to be able to handle it with some dignity and I think that's how you get respect. You're talking about changing the culture and the attitude around here. There has not been one stone that I have not thought about that needs to be overturned around here that needs to be done better, and that's one of them. It's how you deal with people and how you deal with bad times as well as good times, and if you're not able to do that, I think an adjustment is in order. It's one thing to say you're a big leaguer, it's another to be one, and that's probably more important to me than anything. It means something to put on a Baltimore Orioles jersey, and it means something how you act and how you represent the city, the people. So Liz should be better."